Your Weight Loss Coach

Congratulations on seeking a weight loss coach to help you realize your very best you.

Find freedom with the help of weight loss coach Sarah Sutton in northern VA and nationwide.

Your Weight Loss Coach in the Midst of Struggle

Is constant worry and preoccupation with food, exercise, unwanted eating habits, your body shape or body size draining your joy and sapping your confidence? I am the weight loss coach who helps hard-working women finally gain body satisfaction and a healthy relationship with food. Now is the time for you.

Transformational weight loss coaching and a Truce personalized weight loss program are for you if:

  • You struggle with a permanent way to lose weight without it requiring a Herculean effort (meaning you are overweight, have been on seemingly every diet, and are tired of it!)
  • You are a chaotic, emotional, or deprived eater; or you have binge eating/ overeating, compulsive eating, or chronic dieting tendencies that aren’t helped by seeing a classic dietitian
  • You can’t seem to sustain an exercise program for long
  • You recognize that stress, your sexual health, work, family, and all kinds of other obstructive dynamics are at play
  • You struggle with a healthy body image — body acceptance, satisfaction, and even appreciation
  • You experience other health complaints linked to weight management difficulties, unhealthy habits, or nutritional confusion, such as digestive challenges, mood concerns, low energy, or excessive fatigue
  • You desire the radiant well-being that results from living a healthy lifestyle

Your Weight Loss Coach for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Sarah Sutton of Truce is your weight loss coach for mind body spiritWhat if your weight loss issues aren’t really about your weight? In all my years life coaching, fitness training, and living my own personal 70-pound weight loss transformation, I know this to be indisputably true: Weight loss starts and ends in the head. You know this, too, but how exactly do you get out of your own way and end your eating and weight struggles for good? When you sign up for the Truce weight loss program and have me as your life coach for weight loss I will help you discover your particular negative thinking patterns and practice shifting again and again to a healthy perspective. Think of me as your “wingwoman” for staying on track no matter what curveballs life throws you. I guarantee that kind of whole-hearted support–which I’ve found from my own coach–is life-changing!

You’ll start living in the now and feeling good–even relaxed–about your wellness, because you’ll be focusing on your well-being, quality of life, health, and fulfillment rather than letting your weight take you out of life’s game. That’s what I mean by calling a self-truce–with the ironic result being you’ll likely naturally release unhealthy weight.  As your weight loss coach I will teach you to:

  • Eat intuitively, mindfully, and instinctively well with plenty of room for real treats. No more diet!
  • Optimize your preferred eating style for better nutrition
  • Develop for yourself the 4 keys to intrinsically loving exercise and planning activity for a lifetime of fun
  • Navigate your personal mental and emotional triggers so sustainable weight loss is finally a reality!
  • Explore the spiritual side of weight loss (i.e. How can your wellness commitments be vehicles for living out your faith?)
  • Feel incredibly confident you’ll keep the weight off–even during and through menopause!
If you’ve read enough then please don’t wait, as your life certainly can’t. Click this button to contact Truce today so together we can decide if we’d be a good partnership in your transformation.

Your Weight Loss Coach for Abundant Well-being

As your personal weight loss coach I’m the bridge to help you call truce on your own weight war and finally transform your life into one of abundant living. Still want to know more? In this YouTube video I share about who my brand of coaching is for and a transformational wellness coaching story of Emily and her 100 pound weight loss. I hope it inspires you to discover how Truce weight loss coaching could help YOU.

All weight loss coaching sessions are conducted by me, national board-certified health coach, personal trainer, and Truce founder Sarah Sutton. Together we create a compassionate, nonjudgmental, safe space to work through your internal saboteurs, get in touch with your innate wisdom, and develop personal practices and tools that help you break your complex life into small habits with big results. I’m ready to help you get off the diet roller coaster. Are you? To be sure: It requires you to take the leap of faith, show up, and commit. For my part I’ll do everything in my power to make it an invaluable and fun reward!

If this approach resonates with you then I’d love to work with you. For more information and to schedule your complimentary initial weight loss coaching program consultation, please click this button to contact me and get started.

Your Weight Loss Coach Who Has the Weight Loss Experience

What makes me such an expert? Simple. I’ve been there. Seventy pounds heavier and immeasurably unhappy. I started questioning my size in grade school, ate horribly in high school, and started my first diet then, too (remember the fat-free craze of the 80s?) Several ups and downs later and the irony of my entire career is losing weight after college only to gain back half of it while in grad school for–gulp–exercise science! The blessing in disguise is that’s also when I was introduced to life coaching and health coaching as a career and a truly impactful tool for change. Layering on that professional experience helped me make pivotal, enduring personal shifts. Here’s an example of a weight loss coach client who has also experienced the power of wellness coaching:

Kathy, age 38, project manager and mother of two (South Riding, VA): “Through Sarah Sutton’s transformational weight loss coaching, I’ve finally found a new approach to wellness. I am learning to enjoy food, listen to my body and mind, and live for the now. My life’s vision is so much more than my size. I’m not dieting, yet I am losing weight, moving more, and am happier than I’ve been in years! Truce is a hidden gem (my personal diamond in the rough) of a weight loss service.”

Sarah Sutton's weight loss coach clients are happyCheck out more weight loss coach success stories or more about my personal journey, and be assured that even though walking out your weight loss plan seems harder in the stressful northern Virginia area, my testimonials from women in Herndon, Falls Church, Chantilly, and beyond are testament that it can be done. (Of course, technology makes it easy to work with clients nationwide.)

Ready to get started? Please contact Truce today. And if group weight loss coaching or self-care workshops are more your thing then round up your friends and colleagues and let’s talk.

Your Weight Loss Coach Who Comes with Recipes

Finally, I like to give you as many tools as possible on your wellness path. In response to a personal prediabetes scare a couple years ago I’ve developed over 60 low-starch recipes for myself and my clients with diabetes (who otherwise are uncertain what to eat, even after seeing a dietitian.) These can easily double as weight loss recipes IF together we decide the low-carb approach makes sense for you and your weight loss goals–and, most importantly, you enjoy it. (My cauliflower “mac” and cheese, shown here, is one of my favorites!)

weight loss coach recipes