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Your Life Coach for the High-Performing Woman

I am the life coach who helps corporate women develop the resilience tactics to balance their careers with self-care.

     Whereas other life coaching programs focus on education or best practices, Truce empowers you to first emotionally connect with your motivations to change and mentally shift your sabotage thinking so that each goal or small step we decide together has staying power. That’s the mind and heart part. We also interweave spiritual principles (with a faith focus, as appropriate) that lend transcendental meaning to your well-being, and make for transformation coaching rather than growth life coaching. Finally, we pull all of this together with experiential mindfulness practices.

     I coach toward a 180 degree turn on your current way of thinking, relating, and acting. Together, this leads to incredible results. According to industry research, 98.5% of clients report their investment in life coaching was well worth the money, and those who work with a life coach for three or more months reach an average of 80% of their goals.

Your Life Coach for Resilience, Life Balance, & Leadership Success

You understand that being a master of your life in many areas — your career, health, leisure, personal growth, and more — is the key to complete well-being at home and work. Yet, you struggle to manage it all out on your own or stay motivated. Truce life coaching is your solution.

Truce’s brand of success coaching helps you examine the intersection of your particular work life and personal life challenges, empowers you to define your unique path to optimal living, and compassionately holds you accountable to your commitments. Together we’ll help you achieve the level of confident well-being that you’ve always dreamed! This type of life coaching is for you if:

  • You recognize that stress management, communication issues, and competing priorities that result in an overfilled calendar are hindering your work/ life balance
  • You wonder how to sustain a purposeful career and fulfilling relationships
  • You can’t seem to maintain a healthy lifestyle (adequate rest, good nutrition, regular physical activity, or a healthy weight)
  • You want to create your own arsenal of resilience tactics to support both your leadership development and self-care
  • You desire the radiant well-being that results from living an intentional life

Call Your Own Truce

Look, I’m a professional woman who is trying her best to integrate all life areas, too. One thing I know for sure is I wouldn’t have nearly the life satisfaction I do without having my own coach by my side. I’d love for you to experience that first-hand, too. Benefits of personal lifestyle coaching include one-on-one attention, laser focus, and custom action planning with me, Sarah Sutton, as your transformational life coach.

     My tried and true Truce recommended program is an initial 90-minute jumpstart meeting (in-person if local to Northern Virginia, such as in Fairfax or Loudoun), and then three 50- to 60-minute sessions per month over three to ideally six months or longer, with additional email, text support, and fast-result assignments. Investment options are customizable and typically range $425-$575/ month. Most life coach sessions are conducted by phone or web video for convenient scheduling.

     The thing is: You can’t do it all yourself, nor likely can you have it all. Instead, doing what you can and being happy with what you do have just might be the secret to satisfaction. Find out for yourself with the help of a trained personal success coach.

“I no longer feel like it’s all up to me to lead”

 Sarah has been my life coach and executive coach for the last year. She was recommended highly by a colleague of mine who seemed lighter and happier than I ever remember seeing her.  I’m a driven leader and I came to Sarah when I was at the end of my rope.  I knew my biggest battle was with myself but talk therapy wasn’t getting me anywhere. I wanted to work on the underlying cognitive dissonance behind my depression and anxiety, and was ready to make a truce with myself. Sarah has been helping me do just that.

I no longer feel like it’s all up to me at work. I’m finding ways to structure my life so I can actually relax when I’m off work. I hope all of my friends have a chance to work with Sarah. She’s so good at tuning in on how to tailor her services to your personality. Also, we meet over Skype between VA and CA, and it’s great!

Anahid, age 50

Executive director of a nonprofit, San Diego, CA

“Sarah helped me navigate a huge career move”

Sarah Sutton has been a critical life coach partner during a few pivotal times in my professional and personal journey. The first time I worked with Sarah, she helped me navigate a huge career move (from a big 4 consulting firm in Washington, DC to a 5-person non-profit in San Diego) by drilling down into my core values and passions. I can say it was the best professional decision I’ve made and that I never would have done it without Sarah’s coaching and support. Most of the time she was a cheerleader, at other times she challenged me and always respected my style, potential and needs.

I’m working with her a second time–two years later–to focus on balance, effective communication techniques, and confidence building, and once again, she has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is navigating transition or simply wants to dig in and get more out of life by living his or her truth. Thank you, Sarah!”

Anne, age 39

Executive director of a nonprofit and mother of 2, San Diego, CA

“I now consistently see right through the weeds”

“I have been working with Sarah Sutton for six months and I am so excited about the progress I have made. Being a multi-company business owner, overwhelm and stress had taken over my life. She has helped me navigate through the weeds to put together realistic goals, next steps, and implementation plans to target stress at its core, along with stress management tools.  I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who needs help getting back on track and moving forward.”

Lori, age 48

Public accountant, small business owner, and mother of a tween, Ashburn, VA

Truce Life Coach Success Stories

Check out other Truce life coach client testimonials and please contact Sarah for your complimentary life coach consultation. Also, in this YouTube video I share what you can expect in Truce coaching sessions and give an example of Cary and her stress management coaching success. You, too, will get life-changing results.

Look great, feel fabulous

Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional coaching, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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