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What makes your Truce life coach so different? Personal experience as much as professional, and a 180 degree shift in thinking.

Truce is your transformational life coach

The Truce Life Coach Process

Whereas other healthy living programs focus on education or best practices, Truce empowers you to first emotionally connect with your motivations to change and permanently shift your thinking so that your actions have staying power. Truce’s original 5-step transformational personal coaching path will help you:

  1. Trust and embrace your vision of optimal living. (Most programs never talk about this!)
  2. Re-align your goals with what you want most, not what you think you “should” be doing.
  3. Uncover sabotaging beliefs and engage new, intuitive practices.
  4. Commit to small steps each week and act by choice.
  5. Evaluate and be your own champion, and learn to persevere at anything.

According to industry research, 98.5% of clients report their investment in life coaching was well worth the money, and those who work with a life coach for three or more months reach an average of 80% of their goals.


The Truce Life Coach Difference

I, life coach Sarah Sutton, offer national board-certified level health and wellness coaching and transformation coaching for: sustainable weight loss, work/ life balance, healthy living, stress management, and more. I coach toward a 180 degree turn on your current way of thinking, relating, and acting. Together, this leads to incredible results.

Based on over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, thirteen years health and life coaching, and twelve years personally living my own transformation, I have learned why most programs fail. They fail to take into account the whole person (your personality, life dynamics, etc) and the (often surprising) real issues. Truce:

  1. Interweaves spiritual principles that lend transcendental meaning to your well-being, and make for transformation coaching rather than growth life coaching.
  2. Shifts your mental patterns and emotional reactions to be someone who is flexible and believes anything is possible in the present moment.
  3. Uses physical movement and posture, breathwork, and your body’s own wisdom to ingrain habits (my version of somatic coaching.)
  4. Illuminates exactly how to make transformative shifts through original experiential practices.

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What Truce Life Coach Clients Say

John, age 33, leadership consultant: “I have been impressed by Sarah’s professional candor and depth of knowledge. Her passion and energy are infectious. Her skill as a life coach has been instrumental in my transcendence of fears and creation of new business. I can confidently recommend Sarah Sutton to anyone looking for a quantum leap in results.

Check out other Truce life coach client testimonials and please contact Sarah for your complimentary life coach consultation. Also, in this YouTube video I share what you can expect in Truce coaching sessions and give an example of Cary and her stress management coaching success. You, too, will get life-changing results.


Call Your Own Truce

Feel amazing with the help of your life coach Sarah Sutton in Sterling VABenefits of personal coaching with a lifestyle coach include one-on-one attention, laser focus, and custom action planning with me as your life coach. My tried and true Truce recommended personal life coach program is an initial 90-minute jumpstart meeting (in-person if local to Northern Virginia, such as in Fairfax or Loudoun), and then three 50-minute sessions per month over three to ideally six months or longer, with additional email, phone support, and fast-result assignments. Investment options are customizable and typically range $300-$525/month. Most life coach sessions are conducted by phone or web video for convenient scheduling.

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Truce Life Coach Partners

We are happy to partner with, or recommend from personal experience, the following practitioners: