Lena, age 50, management consultant (Falls Church, VA):

“I was initially reluctant when Sarah recommended transformational weight loss coaching sessions as a way to combat my thickening waist and habit of yo-yo dieting. What was the point, really? I already knew what was wrong: I ate too many desserts, and I didn’t need a professional to tell me the solution was to go on a diet. (I just needed to stop eating desserts long enough to diet.) When I finally gave Sarah Sutton’s coaching sessions a try, I was astonished to discover–during the first session–that my cause and my solution were both off track.

Sarah gently probed beneath the surface.  Instead of asking “how many desserts,” she focused on “why.” I remember my jaded and flippant answer about not being fulfilled in specific key areas of my life and the joy I felt when I ate desserts… and I remember the quiet thunderclap that followed when I finally understood the connection. Sarah’s solution wasn’t to cut out desserts; instead, we talked about transforming the underlying causes so I wouldn’t rely on desserts to fulfill me. That was 20 pounds (and several years) ago. Truce and transformational personal coaching challenged me to explore what I thought I knew in new ways. Suffice it to say that Sarah Sutton’s weight loss coaching is way more effective than yo-yo dieting.”