workshops for wellness and lifeTruce’s duo coaching passions for health and for spiritual living cater to two audiences in workshops — those who are seeking a revolutionary, unforced approach to achieving physical wellness, as well as those who are looking to align their beliefs and/or faith with practical daily living given any circumstance.

Workshops for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Since transformation is about discovering and taking new stands in many areas of life, Truce also enjoys coaching clients to achieve fuller careers, more peaceful relationships, creative expression, and more. All areas nurture each other. So although life coaching workshops may highlight a specific topic, the transformational distinctions apply in a myriad of striking ways. These include themes such as: acceptance, perseverance, commitment, communication, reconciliation, and integrity.

Truce workshops are offered on-site at your location and customized to your group‘s interests — from single-session workshops and week-long retreats to teleseminars and webinars. Since weight loss coach and transformational life coach Sarah Sutton has offices in Sterling, VA and Falls Church, VA her workshop offerings are particularly convenient if your business is in Northern Virginia or surrounding metro DC areas.

Popular workshops are listed below. Please contact Sarah for scheduling details.

Build an Active Lifestyle in Minutes a Day

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016 in Workshops | 0 comments

Do you wish you looked forward to your workouts with excitement–instead of dread? Wonder what lifelong exercisers have that you’re missing? You don’t need to be born with the physical activity “gene” to live an active lifestyle; you just need minutes a day to build it–and in a fun way! This session is jam-packed with real, inspiring tips and includes: what a consistent activity habit is and how to start building one for yourself, the 10 min “rule” for motivation, principles of intrinsic exercise, how to rediscover the joys of...

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Get Active, Eat Well–and Stress Less

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Workshops | 0 comments

Yes, you can take control over stress! Learn how with easy activity and food choices and stress coaching that will make all the difference in your day! In this workshop session, we’ll explore: the connection between physical movement and stress, the stress-fighting power of exercise, best physical stress relievers, how much and how often is best, 7 top stress-busting physical activities, and (most importantly) how to make your personal physical activity plan work for you and your particular stressors. You’ll also discover: the what and why of...

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7 Surprising Secrets for a Healthy Heart

Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Workshops | 0 comments

If yours is like most typical workplaces then heart problems (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.) are costing you big money in the form of less productive and present employees. In this session, you’ll first discover what it means to be truly heart healthy and the 7 basic lifestyle factors of good cardiovascular health (ones you’ve probably heard.) Next, learn the 7 surprising secrets for a healthy heart, whether chocolate and wine are really good for you, and what 1 thing you can do today that will have you reaping the rewards of...

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Defining Family: Living with Faith in a Changing World

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Workshops | 0 comments

God is a God of relationship. Oftentimes we feel closest to Him when we are living authentically and in loving understanding of each other. The family is the perfect chance to practice this God-honoring intimacy. In this series of workshop sessions you and your group will explore how to: craft a vision aligned with God’s desires for you and your family; practice communicating with family members in more resourceful ways; utilize nutrition, physical activity, and stress management to nourish greater connection and wellness; and radiate change...

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Eat Well on the Job

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Workshops | 0 comments

Whether you never seem to have the time (or the food on hand) to pack a lunch, or are required to eat out a lot for work, this workshop will help you learn the secrets to eating well at work. First, we explore that healthy eating is more than what and how much you eat; it’s also about when, how, and why! Next, you’ll discover the principles of intuitive eating and mindful eating, and how to translate the impactful concepts into a personal and purposeful practice for you. Includes easy solutions for overcoming common workplace healthy eating...

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Live Healthy on-the-Go

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Workshops | 0 comments

Does it seem especially tough to live a healthy lifestyle in today’s on-the-go world? Whether you travel a lot for work, tend to blow your diet on every vacation (or just the weekend!), or are just too plain busy, this healthy on-the-go workshop will guide you to make your choices as (realistically) healthy as possible. Discover: easy ways to maintain healthy eating habits while away from home, effortless tricks for staying active anywhere you go, and how to plan for the unexpected. We’ll cover common healthy eating and physical activity...

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