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Real-Life Resilience

Wish you knew how to navigate trying circumstances (even a pandemic!) with greater ease? Discover the mental shifts your mind wants to teach you in order to resource new reservoirs of calm and agility. Leave with a clear, personal plan for regaining control, bouncing...

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Master Your Organization Management Style

Do you have a cluttered work or home space that makes it difficult to locate important items? Have you felt overwhelmed by the "stuff" around you, or has a friend or loved one commented on your disorganization? Your physical space can give a good indication of your...

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Master Your Time Management Style

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your to-do list or tend to procrastinate? Do you have difficulty estimating how long a task will take, or forget important appointments or deadlines? Has a friend or loved one commented on your constant tardiness? It’s been said that...

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Everyday Stress Management

Why do some people seem like they skate through (or even thrive!) on time crunches while you drown under pressure and stress? Wish you knew how to navigate other life transitions with ease? The secret lies in your body, not your mind. Learn how to use deep breathing,...

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Change Your Mind, Transform Your Body

Your greatest obstacle is not what you are or aren’t doing. It’s what you’re thinking that makes all the difference in the wellness coaching game -- and to body transformation. In this session, you will: Uncover negative beliefs and critical self-judgments that are...

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Break Through Healthy Weight Challenges

When it comes to implementing healthy eating and exercise habits, why does it sometimes feel harder than it should? What if your healthy weight issues weren’t really about your weight at all? This session will explore what it means to be committed, how to stay in the...

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EnJOY the Holidays

Worried about how your health and weight will survive the holidays? Wonder how others successfully navigate common pitfalls this time of year? Whether you want to prevent stress, overeating, or stress-induced overeating, this wellness and group life coaching workshop...

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Look great, feel fabulous

Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional consulting, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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