Coaching allows me to focus on other people and their needs. I wouldn’t make a very good coach if I didn’t do that. In light of my upcoming marriage, though, I’m wondering: How well am I doing at focusing on fulfilling the wants and needs of those in my innermost circle? How well are you doing at thinking of your closest family members before yourself?

I just took some time to jot down some of my fiance’s best character traits, such as his willingness to go out of his way for me, his natural enthusiasm and friendliness, and industriousness at work and with home projects. I then created an “action plan” for how I will stand in our relationship in such a way as to bring out those qualities–things like being specific in my requests and overwhelming in my appreciation for however he fulfills them, and creating opportunities for him/us to connect with friends and neighbors. Of course, I will also get his feedback as to how I can best support him.

What does generating freshness in my primary relationship have to do with my own wellness? Absolutely everything, as I bet it does for you, too. Paradoxically, it often takes focusing on something outside and bigger than ourselves to make pursuing our own goals that much more effortless and worthwhile. So how will you go out of your way today and this week to meet the needs of others?

If you’d like support in figuring out how taking a new stand in life can propel your own weight and life goals at the same time it enhances your relationships, then please join my next conference call or email today.