I’ve recently surprised myself by finding fun in some of the girly aspects of planning my wedding–things like shopping for accessories and bridesmaid gifts. (Thank you Etsy!) And while several friends have encouraged me to enjoy this time of my life, I’ve got this nagging feeling that’s starting to drag me down.

You see, I’m so busy trying to figure out where to get subtly-colored strappy evening shoes that I’m cutting big-time into the hours I’ve set aside for bookkeeping and other work projects. And that doesn’t feel good. I mean, it’s great to dream. I never used to be a girl who dreams about her wedding (well, except in my twenties when I thought a peanut butter and jam cake sure would be memorable–shows you where my priorities were!)

However, I am clear that my daydreams and wedding website updates are now getting in the way of my career dreams and blog posts. They have become an excuse to procrastinate the seemingly not-as-fun tasks of building a business. I coach clients around eliminating just such “tolerations” in their lives–“unfinished” conversations and action plans that, if we’re honest about them, we’re using to sidetrack us from the bigger game of vibrant health, intimate relationships, and meaningful work. When you start completing tasks you’ve been avoiding, you re-establish your integrity. By putting your ducks in a row in one area of life, you are actually freeing yourself up to pursue your heart’s desire elsewhere. Tackling the project can even be fun because it taps a deeper level of passion.

So, what do YOU need to finish? ME: I’ve been meaning to schedule a free conference call to talk about how coaching can help support you (and friends or loved ones) with your wellness and life goals. I promise to do that in the next month. If unhealthy weight or unfulfilled dreams has been something YOU’ve been tolerating for some time now, my request is that you email info@truceinc.com to let me know if you’d like to join that call. And then we can all get on with the fun of living rich, purpose-driven lives. Now THAT’s a fabulous feeling.