number on the scale

Stop letting the scale define you!

Studies show that external measures of: achievement (i.e. counting calories), success or lackthereof (i.e. your weight on a scale) and rewards (i.e. money) often don’t motivate, and, in many cases de-motivate. Yet many weight loss programs emphasize the numbers. The same is true for health improvement programs designed to lower your cholesterol and blood glucose or boost your muscle strength—except the difference here is that most people don’t get nearly as anxious and emotionally involved as they do with weight. The reality is the numbers are helpful in alerting you as to how well your habit changes are working, and if some tweaking is needed. So, how can you refrain from seeing the number on the scale as somehow a measure of your worth? Speaking of numbers, here are 3 ways to resolve this conundrum and shift your perspective: 1.) Become aware. Of the silly tape recorder running in your head comparing you to others, chastising you for “failures” (personally, I don’t believe in failure of any kind, just lessons), and generally tearing you down. This is your inner saboteur; it is not your true self. Recognize these thoughts, and then kick them to the curb by laughing at them, sharing them, exposing them for the twisted views that they are. 2.) Stay focused. On your compelling vision of well-being and the daily behavior changes you are putting into place that feel amazing. These need to feel rewarding in and of themselves or you won’t continue them…and then what does it matter if you lose weight but don’t keep it off because you chose unmanageable quick-fix strategies? 3.) Trust your instincts. As to what feels right and successful for you. Ask yourself: What if you never had access to a scale again, how would you know you’re being successful? Go at your own pace, and let the results take care of themselves. I invite you to share your thoughts: How do the numbers make YOU feel? How can you start to see them in a different light?