gourmet lunch book club

Even more fun: Lunch Book Club!

There’s a reason why Jane Austen book clubs, Ya-Ya Sisterhoods, and every kind of Meetup you can imagine exist. We yearn for community.

And although in-person conversations are best, I wouldn’t give up my virtual Monday Morning Book Club for the world. We are four women and two men who have made it through not quite three books in a year–and 50 life-changing conversations in the same time.

Granted, my book club is comprised of fellow coaches, and we all have given permission to speak into each other’s lives with curiosity and fierce compassion. So rather than simply discuss a chapter, we usually get right to the heart of a matter and relate it to life. We may be reading chapters, but what we’re really doing is supporting each other in writing new chapters for each of our lives.

If yours is anything like mine, here are just a few things that joining a book club will teach you about life:

  1. You are not alone. People want to share in your experiences–whatever they may be.
  2. Others enjoy your presence and notice when you’re not there. You have a unique contribution to make.
  3. Show up–even if you didn’t do your homework. Consistency establishes your commitment and engenders trust.
  4. Two or more gathered + differing viewpoints = An expanded perspective + clearer choices for action.
  5. Life is better with friends.

Your community (I would imagine any dedicated group would do, as long as you create a context for open sharing upfront) makes life vastly more full. Start your own, or join mine–the Self-Truce virtual book club coaching starting next month. We’ll coach from books about weight and wellness, God and joyful living, money and more–and quite possibly all at the same time! You don’t even need to leave your house. Grab your coffee, cozy up in your favorite chair, and let’s begin.