The Truce Approach to Well-Being

Optimal living and leading!

Well-Being for Your Work & Workforce

Look good, feel great, live your best. That’s what we all want. Yet constant preoccupation with unwanted habits can tire you out and zap your joy. You deserve to feel free again. Now is the time for you to finally gain lifestyle satisfaction and a healthy relationship with you.

     Every aspect of Truce coaching and leadership training programs is infused with a well-being approach, so that you and your leaders develop the skills to navigate doing it all without resorting to stressful responses. 

     A Truce personalized program is for you if:

  • You struggle to say no and ask for support that would enable you to make yourself a priority, manage your time, and rejuvenate
  • Your chaotic or emotional eating affects your focus at work
  • You can’t seem to sustain an exercise or sleep routine for long
  • You recognize the tricky dynamics of work and family demands may be obstructing your self-care
  • You experience other complaints, such as digestive challenges, mood concerns, or low energy

Your Executive Well-being Coach for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

What if your wellness issues aren’t really about your health? In all my years executive coaching, life coaching, fitness training, and living my own personal weight loss transformation, I know this to be indisputably true: Successful well-being starts and ends in the head.

     It’s about discovering your particular negative thinking patterns and shifting again and again to a perspective that will –double benefit!– ripple into your leadership and naturally release unproductive habits.

     As your executive coaching wellness coach I will teach you to:

  • Bring mindfulness and nuanced discernment to every decision
  • Pause to navigate mental and emotional triggers
  • Develop intutive eating and intrinsic physical activity for a lifetime of nourishment and fun
  • Establish your commitments as vehicles for living your spiritual beliefs
  • Feel confident you’ll keep these habits going – even through menopause!

Your Well-Being Consultant Who Has Personal Wellness Experience

What makes me such an expert? Simple. I’ve been there. Seventy pounds heavier and desperately unhappy. I ate horribly in high school and started my first diet then (remember the fat-free craze of the 80s?) One irony was losing weight after college only to gain back half of it while in grad school for – gulp – exercise science!

     The blessing in disguise is that’s when I realized how stress changes everything, and was also introduced to wellness coaching as a career. Layering on that professional experience, before I transitioned to executive coaching, helped me make enduring personal shifts.

     All well-being infused executive coaching and training is conducted by me, Truce founder Sarah Sutton. Together we create a safe, nonjudgmental space for all leaders to work through internal saboteurs, access innate wisdom, and develop practices that break life complexities into small habits with big results. I’m your wingwoman ready to help you get off the roller coaster.

“After just 2 wellness coach sessions, I feel in control!”


“After just two executive wellness coach sessions, I am already starting to feel in control! I have a real sense of freedom with how I think, and some simple changes have calmed my cravings and added satisfaction. Thank you, Sarah, I look forward to what else will open up for me and my life…

Update: After completing my wellness coaching with you I’m happy to report that unhealthy temptations are nearly non-existent. I’m snacking less and honoring my body’s needs more. And my shifts around exercise, stress management, life balance, and focus at work have been pivotal. I’m truly living my vision of peace.

I’ve gotta say: I never expected these kinds of life-changing (life-rotating really comes to mind) results when I embarked down this path. I really appreciate all your help with peeling back these intertwined layers.

Soo, age 38

Mechanical engineer

“Truly having fun and feel so empowered”


“Transformational is right. Clearly this is about so much more than just weight and well-being, and Truce recognizes that. With other weight loss programs, and even leadership development programs through work, I never felt so capable. After a lifetime of struggling, I am free from food’s hold over me, a bona fide runner, and back to the size I was as a newlywed 21 years ago, which I’ve maintained for several years now.

I’m a happier wife, mother, manager, and work friend than I’ve ever been. I am truly having fun and feel so empowered. I highly recommend Sarah Sutton’s process. If you’re considering Truce to help you I’d say: Change is within your reach. Go for it!!’”

Emily, age 44

Market research analyst

“Weight loss wasn’t the panacea I always thought it was”

“Working with Sarah as my wellness coach has been a wonderful experience that exceeded expectations. My satisfaction with my eating habits, body, and belief in my own abilities have each increased four-fold! (Sarah actually uses metrics, so I know in real numbers what value I’ve received.)

At the same time, I now know that weight loss isn’t the panacea I always thought it was, and I’m working to count my blessings and see well-being in a whole new perspective. I have learned strategies to keep me in weight loss maintenance for two years now and am actively working toward an even healthier lifestyle, which I was never able to do before. (This is a huge success I never realized, since I was always after the next lowest weight I thought I “should” be.)

Since my faith is a large part of who I am, I also appreciate how Sarah guides me to tap into it so I find the many life joys. Finally, she helped me start professionally saying no; I’ve now successfully transitioned to retirement!”

Tootie, age 64


Your Holistic Executive Coach for Abundant Well-Being

As your success coach I’m the bridge to help you call truce on whatever war you’re waging against yourself, so you finally transform your personal and work life into one of abundant living.

     In this YouTube video I share about who my brand of coaching is for and a transformational wellness coaching story of working mom Emily and her 100-pound weight loss. I hope it inspires you to discover how Truce hybrid coaching could help YOU.

     Even though living your well-being seems harder in this stressful world, my testimonials show it can be done.

The Cure prediabetes cookbook with low-starch recipes

Lastly, since I like to give you as many tools as possible, you’ll find loads of healthy low-carb recipes from my prediabetes cure cookbook.

“The tasty recipes helped me reach my goal of normal blood sugars!”

“My doctor has been warning me to change my eating. Recently, a friend mentioned The Cure as a realistic diet that is helping her avoid diabetes, and I decided to try it myself. I had my baseline A1C results from my annual physical, and as the authors suggested, I followed the diet and checked the results eight weeks later. Amazingly, my blood sugar levels had dropped significantly and are now well within the normal range. I am also dropping pounds slowly but steadily.

Eating low-carb isn’t always easy, but I’d rather not creep into diabetes territory. I’m grateful for the day-to-day advice and the tasty recipes that helped me reach my goal.”

Fussy Shopper

Look great, feel fabulous

Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional coaching, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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