Tootie, age 64, audiologist (Winchester, VA):

“Working with Sarah Sutton as my weight loss coach (and weight loss maintenance coach) has been a wonderful experience that has exceeded my expectations. My satisfaction with my eating habits, body, and belief in my own abilities have each increased four-fold! (Sarah actually uses metrics to assess this, so I know in real numbers what value I’ve received.)

Unlike most weight loss programs this individual approach was key, as what works for others may not work for me. At the same time, I now know that weight loss isn’t the panacea I always thought it was, and I’m working to count my blessings and see wellness in a whole new perspective. I have learned strategies to keep me in weight loss maintenance for two years now and am actively working toward an even healthier lifestyle, which I was never able to do before. (This is a huge success I never realized, since I was always after the next lowest weight I thought I “should” be.) For example, I am more in tune with my eating habits; I realize that negative self-talk has been a major part of my eating problem, and now I readily identify it, stop, and turn it around.

Sarah has a gift for cheering on my goals and accomplishments no matter how big or small. Just when I think I can’t move forward I learn something new to apply each time we coach. I know myself better and am much more positive about my journey than ever. Since my faith is a large part of who I am, I also appreciate how Sarah and her Truce coaching guide me to tap into it so I can find the many joys my life has!”