LeeAnne, age 51, legal assistant (Alexandria, VA):

“As a life coach and faith-based transformation coach many potential clients may not realize that Sarah Sutton and her Truce brand of coaching focuses on any substantial life area– and her coaching works at a deep level to transform that area. For me, that was financial health and finances tied up with setting boundaries with people in my inner circle. I would do programs such as Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” at my church—listen to the podcasts, diligently do the program, become debt-free, and then after a year or sometimes less would be right back in debt (beating myself up all the way)! Dave himself says that sustainable results are about 10% effort and 90% behavior change.

Since working with Sarah as my life coach and accountability partner for my finances I have had the most success with permanent change and have many more skills for the challenges that come up in my life. I am able to pause, think outside the box, and, most importantly, I now say “no” or “not this time” without guilt. My personal “tape player” in my head and my “God” complex that plagued many of my decisions have been brought into the light. Without these things I do not believe any of my patterns would have changed, and, ironically (since they are the ones I say ‘no’ to more often), I already see the ripple effect and new legacy I’m setting up for my son, family, and others I influence. Sarah was a big part of that and having her as my life coach was instrumental for me.”