Time flies when you're having fun

When was the last time you ____ — just because?

In my last blog about money, I invited you to consider surprising ways you could find and spread your wealth.

Perhaps, like me, you also think that time is a scarce commodity. Time is money slipping through your fingers, only the currency is shrinking minutes in the day.

It’s all a farce, ya know. If you assessed all the tasks you accomplish for which ones add breath to your life or a kind touch to someone else’s, could you really find the time for those? And… even though you say you don’t have the time… how often do you squander your time on the Internet or with other trivial excuses? It seems time is quite relative, and it all depends on how you look at it.

I recently negotiated a fabulous barter with a massage therapist friend — I coach her and, in turn, receive free bi-weekly massages. Brilliant–at first. And then the time-scarcity devil hopped up on my shoulder, and not a day later I was questioning my own sanity. ‘Who has time for regular massages? Certainly not me!’ Forget that my body is rundown and thirsts for healthy touch. I immediately reverted to seeing our arrangement as a luxury I couldn’t afford, and, more importantly, as time when I wasn’t being productive.

But was that really true? Is it really true for you?

Or, is it possible that the secret to finding the time starts first with believing there is an abundance of time? That in order to BE productive and make money, it’s even more important to prioritize your day for the refreshing habits that make for a wonderful life–your time of prayer or meditation in the morning, lunchtime conversation with friends, or regular evening walks?

Which matters more–what you do, or what kind of parent, spouse, co-worker, or friend you are?

How will you live today as if time was an abundant resource?