Healthy dining behavior

Quick! What are you thinking about this photo right now?

Most self-help books and programs—whether they’re to help you slim down, better your relationship, or discover a fulfilling career—drive you to find the solution, the 3 key steps to bliss that you’ve apparently been missing all along. After all, your problem is obvious, right?

Probably not.

What if the problem you are trying to eradicate or correct is just the outer result of a more subtle and incredibly pervasive inner issue?

Negative thinking.

It may seem too simple, but think about it. Where does your overeating start? And your last quibble with your significant other? In your head. Some glitch in your thinking that suddenly decides you may never get access to a pan of brownies again. Or if you don’t hammer this point in the argument now, your fiancé will never get it.

Studies actually show that negative thinking slows your judgment and increases impulsivity. Thankfully, science also shows that when you retrain your thoughts, you rewire your brain (something known as neuroplasticity.)

The first step in creating any significant change must start with making cognitive and emotional shifts prior to seeing any lasting behavior change. Since oftentimes we’re unaware of the negative thought patterns we’re in, transformation coaching can be most powerful here.

Next post: How to make the mindset switch.

What Clients Say:

“I went into coaching thinking I knew what the problem was and how to fix it (eat less and exercise more.) Boy was I wrong! Instead, I was surprised to discover hidden relationship frustrations, and it was only with Truce‘s insightful guidance that I was able to be honest, clarify my needs, and finally drop the pounds. It was the mindset change that made the difference.” ~ Barb, executive trainer