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Turn your life on its head

Last blog, I mentioned that transformational living may mean subtracting habits or attitudes that are varnishing over your authenticity and no longer serving who you want to be.

Well, the more I coach and live my own life, the more I am convinced that transformation also calls for a 180 degree turn from what you are currently doing. You see, our egos and the assessments we make of how things “should” be get in the way so much that whatever you think is the best course of action often merits considering the complete opposite.

Yesterday that meant choosing a 15-minute rest instead of my usual inclination to load up on caffeine. Maybe for you today it means staying silent and listening longer to your spouse or co-worker when you’d normally interrupt to make your point. Here are some other 180 degree examples:

  • When you find you’re filling the air with complaint or criticism, stop and immediately appreciate something or someone.
  • When you feel like isolating, reach out for help instead.
  • When you want to shrink into the background, it’s likely time to speak your mind.
  • Instead of starving yourself to lose weight, enjoy dessert without guilt.
  • Don’t wait for your dream company to post an opening; pursue them instead.

You get the idea. Explore and move into what you’re resisting as a way to face your fears, or simply do the thing that will bring greater freedom, well-being, or harmony.

What will be your 180 today?