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Truce is happy to share these kind words from clients who are now living and loving their full lives. Contact Truce today for your own transformational breakthrough.

“I know my value and now show the real me”

“With Sarah as my executive coach I’ve been able to identify my unique value that is based on my personal principles, and untangle myself from the cyclical patterns that had me doubting myself. I get such grounding and validation from our coaching sessions, actual tools to apply, and ‘permission’ to be the real me. After practicing this authenticity in meetings, especially with more senior leaders, I’m seeing positive results.

Sarah offers flexibility to meet me right where I’m at, along with the space to not know what to do next. In my role as a CFO, it’s important that I really anchor into my leadership development and style. I celebrate our work together and the difference it’s made in my personal and professional life!”

Jen, age 46

Chief financial officer, San Diego, CA

“I’ve found my confidence as the leader I want to be”

“Sarah is so much more than a career coach. I have found my confidence and voice to speak up as the leader I want to be. Defining my work passions and long-term vision has served as a compass to assess right-fit opportunities and next steps both inside and outside my current organization. I’ve also enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned with my own team and paying my experience forward to coach them to be effective leaders in their ways, too.

Sarah has a clarity of voice and models how to be a confident leader. When she shares it is from a place of authenticity and experience. The variety of strategies within her leadership development program and executive coaching style are all so beneficial. We have coached on everything from effective communication to negotiation to work life integration. It is the whole package!

Shannon, age 50

Vice president of learning and instruction, Sacramento, CA

“I’ve significantly increased my body connection”

“My biggest payoffs in working with Truce coaching and Sarah Sutton have been a significant increase in my connection to my body along with satisfaction with my physical activity; I joined a gym and discovered that I like exercise!

I appreciated the affirmation Sarah gave me even when I was having a bad day. She lends humor, rapport, and lots of patience. With Sarah’s support and diverse coaching techniques I made internal adjustments along several avenues of life. I now realize I can have competing goals that are equally true and authentic; I just need to navigate the space between them with self-compassion and grace. My overall belief in my own abilities to care for myself well is much stronger moving forward.”

Cheryl, age 39

Agile coach, Berryville, VA

 “I learned to eat intuitively rather than the rigid eating rules I had set up”

“I have worked with health coach Sarah Sutton off and on for the last 6 years and her collaborative and caring approach has enabled me to meet my goals–including ones I didn’t know I needed, such as learning to eat intuitively. I came to her with the single desire of losing weight, but she helped me articulate other goals that would be necessary to do that. In my case, it included social connectedness and a realistic exercise plan. We set up very specific next steps and I decided what I could commit to working on. Sarah checked in with me via email to see how I was doing both in accomplishments and challenges. At each next session we reviewed more extensively how I had progressed and then set new goals I felt confident to attain. Making and keeping these tiny commitments enabled me to meet my broad and difficult goals.

With her coaching approach, I learned how to eat intuitively rather than the rigid eating rules I had set up for myself. I very gradually lost and kept off 65 pounds through intuitive eating and working with her to ensure that my life is balanced. I have come back as my life has changed so Sarah could help me identify, articulate, and achieve new goals. I am maintaining a good weight, and I now need to develop ways to eat healthy with minimal cooking. (I like the recipes on her website.) Her personal coaching style can help anyone move more successfully through their individual life challenges.”

Linda, age 66

Retiree, Ashburn, VA

“I like myself beyond the scale.”

“Truce coach Sarah Sutton always made me feel safe to share my most vulnerable thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged. A big shift for me was letting go of the notion that what I ate was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (and therefore that I was good or bad). Above all I learned to accept and like myself no matter the number on the scale.

Angela, age 48

Middle school tutor and mother of 2, Leesburg, VA

“Instrumental through my weight loss journey”

Hiring Sarah as my wellness coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has been an instrumental part of my success throughout my weight loss journey. Working together we were able to identify roadblocks that stopped me from succeeding in the past. She was there for me on good days to celebrate my successes, and bad ones to motivate me and encourage me to keep going.

Throughout the entire time, she held me accountable, tracked my progress, and taught me skills I needed to reach my goal and help maintain it in the future. As a result, I lost 35 pounds and gained so much confidence. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to hire a weight loss coach or transformational wellness coach.”

Nadya, age 30

Human resources management analyst, Aldie, VA

“Managing my mind created breakthroughs”

“I started working with Sarah right before I had a major surgery where I was going to be immobile for months. I wanted to work on managing my weight during my recovery. My biggest breakthrough has been understanding that my food issues aren’t really food issues, but life issues. I am much more confident in managing conflict and problems as I continue to peel back the layers.
I liked how Sarah utilized progress metrics to show me how much I discovered and applied in a short period of time. I am happy to say I maintained my weight during my convalescence, and I am starting to see downward movement on the scale now that I am mobile again. Sarah has been an invaluable partner in this process!”

Natalie, age 56

Retired nurse and board member, McLean, VA

“If this was easy on your own then more people would have success”

“My experience with Sarah Sutton and the process of coaching was amazing and far exceeded my expectations! The money seemed like a lot at first, but I was convinced that I was on a path that would have been far more expensive in terms of my health and personal self-esteem. I am very well read and thought I knew what to do. In reality, some of my “facts” were wrong, and just knowing what to do is not enough. If this was easy on your own then more people would have success. This is not about willpower; you need a partner and coach who can help you build the new habits that will lead to the outcomes you want. That’s where Sarah came in.

She is extremely skillful in digging deep to reveal the real issues and difficulties with change, and providing real-life ideas, insight, and encouragement.  Her effectiveness and level of service are top-notch. I found the accountability absolutely key in establishing a brand-new lifestyle, which for me includes slower, more mindful eating that has me stopping at the first sign of satisfaction. I am also enjoying exercise again and, ironically, by shifting my focus from being just about weight loss to my health and wellness it helped me to finally lose the weight! My satisfaction with my body is at an all-time high and my energy level is a 10.

Lee, age 70

Retired executive and grandmother of 10, McLean, VA

“Sarah Sutton’s insightful guidance”

“I went into coaching thinking I knew what the problem was and how to fix it. Boy was I wrong! Instead, I was surprised to discover hidden relationship frustrations, and it was only with life coach Sarah Sutton’s insightful guidance that I was able to be honest and clarify my needs. It was the mindset change that made the difference.”

Barb, age 57

Executive trainer, Falls Church, VA

“Truce transformed my finances through healthy boundaries”

“As a life coach and faith-based transformation coach many potential clients may not realize that Sarah Sutton and her Truce brand of coaching focuses on any substantial life area– and her coaching works at a deep level to transform that area. For me, that was financial health and finances tied up with setting boundaries with people in my inner circle. I would do programs such as Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” at my church—listen to the podcasts, diligently do the program, become debt-free, and then after a year or sometimes less would be right back in debt (beating myself up all the way)! Dave himself says that sustainable results are about 10% effort and 90% behavior change.

Since working with Sarah as my life coach and accountability partner for my finances I have had the most success with permanent change and have many more skills for the challenges that come up in my life. I am able to pause, think outside the box, and, most importantly, I now say “no” or “not this time” without guilt. My personal “tape player” in my head and my “God” complex that plagued many of my decisions have been brought into the light. Without these things I do not believe any of my patterns would have changed, and, ironically (since they are the ones I say ‘no’ to more often), I already see the ripple effect and new legacy I’m setting up for my son, family, and others I influence. Sarah was a big part of that and having her as my life coach was instrumental for me.”

LeeAnne, age 51

Legal assistant, Alexandria, VA

“I am finally friends with food!”

“Sarah Sutton’s deep knowledge of healthy eating combined with her supportive approach to coaching weight loss enabled me to set and reach realistic wellness goals. I learned the mechanics behind my unhealthy patterns of eating and exercising and have truly adopted a new way of being with food — we are finally friends! I enjoy exercising from a different perspective and can honestly say I feel better than I have in a very long time. Thank you, Sarah!”

Maura, age 53

Professional small business coach, Arlington, VA

“Truce goes well beyond weight loss coaching”

“I originally hired Sarah Sutton to help me manage my weight gain during pregnancy but Truce turned out to be so much more than a “weight loss coach”. I preferred that our sessions flowed organically so there were some weeks where we focused on my emotional well-being as opposed to which healthy eating techniques worked for me. You truly begin to understand the intimate connection between mind and body. If you’re looking for a quick fix or magic pill, then you’re out of luck. But if you’re truly committed to discovering what makes you tick, incorporating small but steady changes, and living your best life, then don’t hesitate to give Sarah a call!

She understands that there is no one-size-fIts-all solution; your wellness program will be tailored to what will works for you, so expect some trial and error. She is relatable and will be one of your biggest advocates, while also teaching you how to be your own cheerleader (cliche but true). Change is hard and it sucks. Being unhappy is hard and it sucks. Choose your “hard”. Call Sarah!”

Diana, age 36

Realtor and new mom, Round Hill, VA

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