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In addition to testimonials sprinkled throughout the website, Truce is happy to share these kind words from clients who are now living and loving their full lives. Contact Truce today for your own transformational breakthrough.

“I no longer feel like it’s all up to me to lead”

 “Sarah has been my executive coach and life coach for the last year. She was recommended highly by a colleague of mine who seemed lighter and happier than I ever remember seeing her. I’m a driven leader and I came to Sarah when I was at the end of my rope. I knew my biggest battle was with myself but talk therapy wasn’t getting me anywhere. I wanted to work on the cognitive dissonance underlying my mood and worries, and was ready to make a truce with myself. Sarah has been helping me do just that.

I no longer feel like it’s all up to me to lead. I’m finding ways to structure my life so I can actually relax when I’m off work. I hope all of my friends have a chance to work with Sarah. She’s so good at tuning in on how to tailor her services to your personality. Also, we meet over Zoom between VA and CA, and it’s great!”

Anahid, age 50

Executive director of a nonprofit

“I re-negotiated compensation and learned I have agency”

Sarah Sutton is an excellent executive coaching life coach who has helped me with my lifestyle habits and leadership development. I quickly started trusting myself again with healthier food choices, and understanding stress triggers and distractions.

Sarah also helped me clarify my career goals that would leverage my top strengths. I re-negotiated compensation at my current company and have opened the door for talks about a broader role. No doubt that you have to do the work, but I learned I have agency.”

Ananth, age 45

Senior director of marketing

“I process through everything with greater integrity”

“Sarah has great flexibility to her style. She uses a variety of questions and resources when needed to meet me in the moment and stay on point. She offers incredible accountability, which has helped me follow through on numerous goals and projects, even when the timeline shifts — which it does, being an executive woman leader.

I process through everything from challenging team coaching conversations to habits I’m resisting with greater integrity than when I’m reflecting on my own. I also appreciate her ability to integrate faith whether we’re talking wellness or business, since this is important to me.”

Emma, age 50

Co-founder of several global companies

“Stress management to control emotions and focus on the now”

The value I received in coaching with Sarah far exceeded what I paid for. I have become so much more aware of the sources of unsettling feelings, and how to apply stress management tools to control or let go of emotions. I focus on the now, and articulate what I need with those around me. I am also regularly asking how I can show myself compassion. Sarah gears her coaching program to the individual; it is no way cookie cutter.

Rolanda, age 38

Learning specialist

“Real change is hard, this was the push I needed”

Real change is hard and requires persistence and courage. Even though the coaching process can be uncomfortable at times, I appreciated Sarah’s style and consistency. She is clearly highly educated, has continued to deepen her skills, and is patient and empathetic yet firm as she encourages you to push toward meaningful change.

Layla, age 52

VP, Portfolio manager

“Coaching helps keep the closet of my life clean”

“I see coaching as a chance to settle in to private ‘me’ time with my life and leadership at the center. I always discover a new attitude that makes me more grateful. No matter the topic I’m wanting to change, Sarah’s probing insights bring a shift that leaves me feeling lighter, freer, and excited to take the reins of my life in hand!

She listens so deeply and intelligently to my unexpressed needs and intuitively responds with an observation or coaching exercise that results in remarkable breakthroughs. The value always exceeds my expectations. Coaching helps keep the closet of my life clean; mental clutter is removed so I am able to focus clearly. I spend less energy on negative thoughts or on what I see as stress because these things are redefined. Thank you for being my life coach partner in committing to a quality life.”

Cary, age 65

Retired professional coach and retail store owner

“I’ve reclaimed quantity and quality time with my family”

Here’s where Truce goes well beyond: Unlike other leadership development programs, a major breakthrough is that I’ve reclaimed the quantity and quality of time to spend with my family and with myself to do the things I’ve always cherished. I now feel a sense of joy and gratification that I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Sarah has a skill for listening to concerns that I wouldn’t normally disclose to others in my life, and a gift for drawing out what intrinsically drives a person without any feelings of obligation or guilt. I easily adjust or am naturally inspired to do things differently to get the outcome I want. I also appreciate the motivational readings she sends, and the tie-ins with my faith journey have really stuck.

Finally, she didn’t let me quit when it was easy to do so and I thank her for that! Definitely 5 stars if not a gazillon stars from this gal!

Latisha, age 41

Senior director, IT security

“Coaching unearths lots of cross-life themes”

“I take more ownership of my health and life, as a result of coaching with Sarah. I sought her out for help with my food issues and even though I’m still working on that, we’ve gone in an even more empowering direction related to my communication at home and work, which helps with stress management. Really, there are lots of cross-life themes.

Sarah helps me be reflective about my preferred ways of eating and relating, and I appreciate that our life coach partnership doesn’t follow a formulaic approach. She comes to each session with a resourceful repertoire of coaching tools, perspectives, and books that meet me where I am and lay out possible paths we can explore. It’s truly such good value.”

Ave, age 54

Learning specialist

“I now consistently see right through the weeds”

“I have been working with executive coach Sarah Sutton for six months and I am so excited about the progress I have made. Being a multi-company business owner, overwhelm and stress had taken over my life. She has helped me navigate through the weeds to put together realistic goals and implementation plans to target stress at its core, along with stress management tools. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who needs help getting back on track.”

Lori, age 48

Public accountant and small business owner

“Truce Coaching’s ability to drive life satisfaction is on par with my executive career!”

“My coaching with Sarah has been a highlight of my life – on par with my career as an executive! Sarah’s listening skills, knowledge base, and creativity have enabled me to integrate substantive ideas that move my life forward each and every time. We have coached on everything, including making exercise a habit, intuitive eating, creating my own version of mindfulness meditation as a phenomenal form of stress management, better relating to family members, and so much more.

I was very satisfied with my initial coaching engagement with her and, upon my return to work on other aspects of life, I will say I’m even more satisfied now—especially during the pandemic!”

Lee, age 70

Retired executive and grandmother of 10

“Truce transformed my finances through healthy boundaries”

“As a faith-based executive coach many potential clients may not realize that Sarah Sutton and her Truce brand of coaching focuses on any substantial life area — and her coaching works at a deep level to transform that. For me, that was financial health and finances tied up with setting boundaries with people in my inner circle. I would do programs such as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at my church, then after a year or sometimes less would be right back in debt (beating myself up all the way)!

Since working with Sarah as my life coach and accountability partner I have success with permanent change and many skills for the challenges that come up in my life. I am able to pause and say “not this time” without guilt. My “God” complex that plagued many of my decisions has been brought into the light. Without this I do not believe any of my patterns would have changed, and, ironically (since they are the ones I say ‘no’ to more often), I already see the ripple effect and new legacy I’m setting up for my son and others I influence.”

LeeAnne, age 51

Legal assistant

“Managing my mind created breakthroughs”

“I started working with Sarah as my wellness coaching life coach right before I had a major surgery where I was going to be immobile for months. I wanted to work on managing my weight during my recovery. My biggest breakthrough has been understanding that my food issues aren’t really food issues, but life issues. I am much more confident in managing conflict as I continue to peel back the layers.

I liked how Sarah utilized progress metrics to show me how much I applied in a short period of time. I am happy to say I maintained my weight during my convalescence, and I am starting to see downward movement on the scale now that I am mobile again.”

Natalie, age 56

Retired nurse and board member

“I’ve significantly increased my body connection”

“My biggest payoffs in working with wellness coach and life coach Sarah Sutton have been a significant increase in my connection to my body along with satisfaction with my physical activity; I joined a gym and discovered that I like exercise!

I appreciated the affirmation Sarah gave me even when I was having a bad day. She lends humor, rapport, and lots of patience. With Sarah’s diverse coaching techniques I made internal adjustments along several avenues of life. I now realize I can have competing goals that are equally true and authentic; I just need to navigate the space between them with self-compassion and grace. My overall belief in my own abilities to care for myself well is much stronger.”

Cheryl, age 39

Agile coach

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