The Case for Team Collaboration

The Strengths Deployment Inventory and Relationship Intelligence (RQ) team training, offers one of the top tools in the industry for the duo purpose of collaboration and conflict resolution. When you harness the power of modern RQ, your team members will be more adept at assessing the motives of themselves and others, so they apply the right strengths effectively.

     Internally, they will cultivate a psychologically safe environment where constructive disagreement is valued, everyone feels heard, and conflict triggers are avoided. Externally, they will further the mission with stakeholders.

  • Performance-wise: 97% of workers and their executive leaders believe team alignment affects success. Diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones—but you need to cultivate inclusion the right way.
  • People-wise: 99% of your employees want to be part of an organization that nourishes honest communication. Collaboration impacts morale.

     By helping your people create and sustain satisfying work relationships (the #1 predictor of workplace happiness), those associates will trust your leadership, excel, and stay with you long-term—which secures your organization’s global impact.

Your Team Conflict Resolution Solution

    RQ is crucial for teams that are new, facing uncertainty, or experiencing conflict from hidden agendas, distorted thinking, or a triggering personality.

         This high-impact full-team experience includes multiple training points and coaching for consistency of results over 4-6 months:

    • Detailed 16-page personal assessment reports
    • Portal access for team members to connect, compare results, and review targeted communication tips
    • 2-hour interactive collaboration launch training with entire team
    • 75- to 90-min post-training large group coaching session and facilitated discussion of next steps to continue traction on the learning
    • Option to add individual or small group coaching sessions to laser in on top personal/ group dynamic challenges

         Investing in team collaboration training is what savvy, future-focused organizations are doing. Now more than ever executive leaders are revving up the professional development of their talent and holding themselves accountable for the well-being and reach of their high-performing teams.

    From recent anonymous feedback surveys:

    I pay attention to my triggers

    “Renewed the importance of relationship building

    “The insights I gained about my team members have been invaluable. This was a great way to start a much-needed dialogue”

    “I gained courage, self-awareness, and self-confidence

    “It has opened my eyes for a change

    When asked to share what impact this learning has had on their careers, comments were:

    “It’s been helpful to know the best way to approach and communicate with my colleagues, and pay more attention to their motivations and behaviors in conflict situations”

    “An opportunity to better understand myself—my surprising strengths, how I react, and also aspects to improve”

    “Much better equipped to lead my team

    “Learning and honoring the styles of others enables me to more effectively use my own strengths to achieve our common goals

    “I need to do something different to achieve different results. I can reach to my underutilized ‘mid-level’ strengths to build relationship dynamics and steer away from unproductive conflict.”

    When asked the impact on their personal lives, comments here included:

    “It has taught me to engage with patience and consider others’ needs”

    “Continued awareness in my ability to communicate and listen

    “Better understanding at home, too, and I now have a clearer picture how to address some issues

    “To a certain extent, my overdone strengths in professional life match those in my personal life. Working on them, I will be able to improve both areas.”

    Glad to share with my spouse for awareness purposes. It created a sketch somehow of what you can read from the other person.”

    RQ is the New EQ

    “It’s only conflict if you make it personal” and “Work hard not to offend; work harder not to be offended.” These are just two key lessons teams have learned in this foundational team collaboration training.

         In this YouTube video you’ll also hear of real testimonials about the transformation this has made for recent teams. Contact me to schedule your own team’s upleveling. They deserve it!

    Look great, feel fabulous

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