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Truce’s Executive Leadership System, geared for C-level, VP, and Director tier teams, is an integrated, long-term executive team coaching solution over 12 to 24 months. It consists of 6 components in 3 phases, each reinforcing the other in helping your leadership team to see with new discernment:

     1. Reveal: We launch with qualitative 360 interviews or the Leadership Circle Profile and singularly impactful 90-minute debrief sessions for each leader. The assessment uncovers disconnects between how each leader sees themselves, compared with how their stakeholders experience them. Running an additional group report gives a snapshot of the full-team reality against the optimal culture you desire. Most importantly, this data provides a pathway to transformation.

     2. Reflect: Each leader then targets the One Big Thing stalling their leadership, such as complying or controlling tendencies. The following months, in their individual executive coaching sessions, we reshape or even flip that reactivity to generate leadership effectiveness in 1 key area (i.e. empathetic relating, courageous authenticity, risk-taking, systems thinking).

     3. Reinvent: The true magic happens when the executive team comes together regularly for team coaching. Together we decide what mindset and habit flaws the team as a group needs to shed, where the “gap” opportunities lie, and team goals to set, this time under a collective One Big Thing.

Team Coaching: Heart of Team Change

    Team coaching also layers on identifying which of (Patrick Lencioni’s) Five Dysfunctions of a Team we need to correct.

         Following sessions often focus team development efforts on:

    • Establishing Trust and Psychological Safety
    • Team Collaboration and RQ (Relationship Intelligence)
    • Conflict Resolution and Courageous Conversations
    • Creating a Culture of Support and Accountability
    • Sustaining Energy, Focus, and Commitment
    • Leading through Ambiguity and Change
    • Structuring Optimal Team Meetings (including coach observation of several)
    • Managing Group Decisions with Individual Integrity

         Executive team coaching is comprehensive, responsive, and always completes with personal takeaways and next steps. Re-assessments are periodically administered to measure performance against goals, and to inform future plans.

    “I relate to my peers who were once my bosses”

    “My leadership coaching with Sarah and Truce has been such a positive experience—completely aligned and even better than expected. She pushes enough but not too much, is prepared to roll with wherever I need to go, while also coming with ideas for what would be next worth exploring.

    We first laid the groundwork by helping me get clear on my unique leadership style and the principles I want to daily live out. I didn’t even know how much I needed this. In gearing up for and accepting a promotion, we worked through how I want to command respect with my peers who were once my bosses. I’m practicing interrupting them!

    Sakshi, age 42

    Associate dean of academic affairs

    “I now pause to show up differently and to scale back”

    Right out of the gate Sarah started executive coaching me to pivotal shifts. One was recognizing when my energy has become frenzied, pause to consider how I want to show up, and to scale back. I learned to be ok running at 50% capacity, as that is likely matching someone else’s 110%!

    I’ve pulled away from my achievement focus to instead make decisions that map to my values. It is SO fulfilling and I have a real sense that I am choosing my life now. As a unique hybrid executive life coach, Sarah brings an expert balance I hadn’t experienced. She is always able to read the situation to be direct in a way that pushes my comfort zone, while also being compassionate. Even my wellness habits have significantly changed.

    Lucia, age 46

    Chief customer experience officer

    “I got honest with myself and clarified my needs”

    “I went into my team coaching thinking I knew what the problem was and how to fix it. Boy was I wrong! Instead, I was surprised to discover hidden relationship frustrations with others. It was only with executive coach Sarah Sutton’s insightful guidance that I was able to be honest and clarify my needs with them. It was the mindset change that made the difference.

    Barb, age 57

    SVP, Corporate communications and crisis management

    Look great, feel fabulous

    Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional consulting, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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