Lee, age 70, retired executive (McLean, VA):

“My experience with Sarah Sutton and the process of coaching was amazing and far exceeded my expectations! The money seemed like a lot at first, but I was convinced that I was on a path that would have been far more expensive in terms of my health and personal self-esteem. I am very well read and thought I knew what to do. In reality, some of my “facts” were wrong, and just knowing what to do is not enough. If this was easy on your own then more people would have success. This is not about willpower; you need a partner and coach who can help you build the new habits that will lead to the outcomes you want. That’s where Sarah came in.

She is extremely skillful in digging deep to reveal the real issues and difficulties with change, and providing real-life ideas, insight, and encouragement.  Her effectiveness and level of service are top-notch. I found the accountability absolutely key in establishing a brand-new lifestyle, which for me includes slower, more mindful eating that has me stopping at the first sign of satisfaction. I am also enjoying exercise again and, ironically, by shifting my focus from being just about weight loss to my health and wellness it helped me to finally lose the weight! My satisfaction with my body is at an all-time high and my energy level is a 10.”