Healthy Recipes Are Professional Resources, Too

In my professional days serving as a wellness coach I was on a mission to stop the tide toward prediabetes, after my own surprising diagnosis years ago. Although I no longer actively coach clients on nutrition, I couldn’t help but leave this page up–in case it helps you on your own well-being journey.

     These are some of my personal favorite healthy recipes, many of which are included in my prediabetes book, The Cure: The Realistic Lifestyle Choice for Avoiding Diabetes for Life and Really, Truly Losing Weight without Trying. It is co-written with my sister Jo. You’ll find lots of low-carb recipes for: a diabetic lifestyle, anyone looking to help resolve insulin resistance, or for weight loss challenges.

     See a few of my client success stories, below. Nearly every recipe freezes well, so definitely make double batches to store for nights when you don’t have time to cook. Enjoy!

Garlic and Oil Un-Spaghetti

Garlic and Oil Un-Spaghetti

We absolutely love garlic in my house, so when I ran across this old garlic and oil spaghetti dish in my original recipe folder I took the opportunity to adapt it to a low-starch version we now use as part of our "go-to" meals for quick weeknights. Add a side of...

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Stuffed Mini Pepper Appetizer

Stuffed Mini Pepper Appetizer

This stuffed mini pepper appetizer is a real party pleaser and perfect as the start to Mexican night. Making your own taco seasoning is easy and healthier for you than the preserved stuff that comes in packets. For a heartier variation you can opt to repurpose lean...

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Way Healthier Feta Chicken Salad

Way Healthier Feta Chicken Salad

I call this feta chicken salad "way healthier" because it uses very little mayonnaise and instead adds creaminess and tang from sour cream and feta cheese. The dill adds a nice herby touch along with celery and red bell pepper for the crunch you'd also expect from a...

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Healthier Broccoli Salad

This healthier broccoli salad tastes just like you remember--only it uses lighter ingredients overall and way less mayo. Foreman grill up the turkey bacon ahead of time and that will make the assembly that much easier. With the extra protein from the yogurt, along...

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Cobb Salad

This incredible Cobb salad is the second part of a “make once have twice” meal–this time using just the marinated, grilled chicken from my grilled basil chicken recipe previously posted. We've also used the meat from grilled chicken fajitas when we last had them, only...

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Low-Sugar Picnic Coleslaw

This low-sugar picnic coleslaw is a great side dish for any meal, and especially during the summer. It’s super easy to make when you buy pre-shredded cabbage. The apple and toasted nuts add additional crunch and natural sweetness. The dressing remains low-sugar and...

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Summer Grilled Basil Chicken

This summer grilled basil chicken is so incredibly fresh tasting that it makes up for the steps involved. We've taken to making extra so that we can use the marinated, grilled chicken meat in another recipe, such as a Cobb Salad, as a nod to our "make once have twice"...

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Low-Carb Pad Thai

This low-carb pad thai can be made vegetarian if you use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth and tofu or tempeh in place of the chicken. I'm a huge fan of any kind of nut butter (in this case peanut butter, which is a hallmark of Thai cooking.) The sauce is...

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Summer Black Bean Salad

This summer black bean salad has been around in my family for a long time. My sister Ellen made it so often that she nearly tried to claim it as her black bean salad but since it actually first appeared in (I believe) the July issue of Prevention magazine back in 1999...

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“Sarah Sutton’s lifestyle change tools keep me changing”

 “I was thinking of you this week, and just discovered your low-carb recipes. Very cool! I still use your weight loss coaching and lifestyle change tools years later; thank you because they keep me changing. It took me a long time to get out of my own way… and… I’ve lost 58 pounds and met my “waist below 34.5” goal this month.

What finally clicked was seeing a a former colleague who lost nearly 100 pounds. Pretty inspiring “if she can do it, I can do it” motivator. That, combined with the desire to be my best really made me think hard about my why. I’ve had two friends who fought off breast cancer and one who had a heart attack in the past two years.

The best change for me is the feeling of being in full control of my health and my choices–not a weight loss diet, but rather a lifestyle change that I have kept up. You have some great recipes. I’m happy to refer others to you!”

Beth, age 53

Education and training consultant

Advocating for myself helps me avoid diabetes

 I was trying to lose weight without understanding the why of how I had gained weight. I had family members and friends who tried to be helpful but were not; I wanted an objective person. Sincerity and flexibility are Sarah’s strengths. She walked me through ways I was sabotaging myself and how to overcome them, and she personalized everything for me. I found out I was prediabetic at the beginning of our time together and she helped me advocate for myself and provided wonderful resources to help me avoid developing diabetes.

I tended towards all-or-nothing thinking and she got me over that hump – thank goodness!  Sarah always had my back; she would remind me of all the progress I had made when I would get frustrated. I have truly changed my mindset and now know I can make lifestyle changes that matter and I can live with long-term!

Mei, age 48

Accounting specialist and mother of 2 teen sons

“More effective than yo-yo dieting”

“I was initially reluctant when Sarah recommended transformational wellness coaching sessions as a way to combat my thickening waist and habit of yo-yo dieting. What was the point, really? I already knew what was wrong: I ate too many desserts, and I didn’t need a professional to tell me the solution was to go on a diet. (I just needed to stop eating desserts long enough to diet.) When I finally gave Sarah’s coaching sessions a try, I was astonished to discover – during the first session – that my cause and my solution were both off track.

Sarah gently probed beneath the surface, to get to “why.” I remember my flippant answer about not being happy in life and the joy I felt when I ate desserts… and I remember the quiet thunderclap that followed when I finally understood the connection. Sarah’s solution wasn’t to cut out desserts; instead, we talked about transforming the underlying causes so I wouldn’t rely on desserts to fulfill me. That was 20 pounds and several years ago. Suffice it to say that Truce weight loss coaching is way more effective than yo-yo dieting.”

Nan, age 50

Management consultant

Look great, feel fabulous

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