Alicia, age 39, VP of new business development at a non-profit (San Diego, CA):

“Sarah truly has a gift! As my life coach she helped me “connect the dots” among various aspects of my life and helped me realize how interwoven they are (healthy eating, stress reduction, job satisfaction, etc). I also appreciated how she helped me envision different scenarios in my life – encouraging me to go beyond what I would normally imagine for myself. For example, my favorite life coaching exercise was one we did in exploring my ideal career, which allowed me to identify what makes me happy and successful. That was immensely helpful as I navigated the job opportunity and interview process with my now new company.

I think my biggest breakthrough has been the ability to pause and “take inventory” of situations rather than react in an immediate and sometimes negative manner. I now have real stress management tools that empower me to completely change course.

The life coaching experience was great and definitely worth the investment. It’s a style I wasn’t familiar with and moved me beyond just talking about change to synthesizing lessons and taking action to address what I really wanted. After just three months I’m in a much different place and moving fully ahead with my life!