Resilience and stress management

Discover the steps to ongoing resilience!

Wish you knew how to navigate trying circumstances (even a pandemic!) with greater ease? Discover the mental shifts your mind wants to teach you in order to resource new reservoirs of calm and agility. Leave with a clear, personal plan for regaining control, bouncing back, and enjoying naturally resilient living—no matter what life throws you. Plus, explore:

  • Science-backed strategies for “encoding” your brain to expect the best, developing an optimistic “explanatory style,” and determining what you can and can’t control
  • The #1 predictor of workplace happiness
  • A live practice for bringing greater awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions
  • The top two keys to taking it all in stride with grace and gusto—one you can do alone, the other requires a partner (perfect for work teams)
  • The ABCs of positive psychology, distilled down into 1 simple step
  • Coaching around navigating your own personal challenges

Plus, especially for MANAGERS:

    • Prevent burnout by learning specific life coaching skills you can use with your direct reports/ teams to amplify positive emotions, bolster meaning, invite optimum engagement and flow, and cultivate a sense of mastery
    • A “what’s next” discussion of other skill-building tactics for “post-traumatic growth” and team dynamics important for successful business development

**Can be paired with Everyday Stress Management and presented as a two-part, truly impactful mind and body transformational series.