Living in abundance is lying in the grass

When was the last time you lost money? Perhaps it was an investment gone bad, or something as trivial as wasted produce that soured in the fridge.

I lost a client today. Circumstances changed at her job and I was looking like an expense she (I’ll call her Olivia) couldn’t afford.

One of the characteristics of my coaching is that I invite clients to be true to their word as a way of life, so Olivia’s wanting to break her agreement with me seemed a good opportunity to encourage her to do the opposite, to “hold in” to her commitment.

Olivia didn’t see it like that.

She took my communication as a pitch for me to make sure I got my piece of her seemingly shrinking financial pie. She is displaying what we coaches call a “scarcity” mindset. And I don’t blame her. ‘Cuz, upon reflection and to my dismay, she may actually be following my lead!

My own money conversations have been flushed up quite a bit lately as I am trying to grow my business for coaching healthy weight and whole life transformation. I am in the middle of joining finances with my new husband and determining expectations for my contribution to our household, too. So it’s quite possible that in addition to wanting to help Olivia in a new way, I was also, frankly, being grubby about it. Do I have every right to ask her to uphold our written contract? Sure. Is it an honorable way to live? Not always.

Many walks of faith teach that God will provide. When you or I neglect to believe so, then “we banish God’s riches from our own lives and hinder others from entering into His provision.”* Your thoughts about lack, what you can and can’t afford–essentially your dependence on yourself–negatively affect those around you.

What to do?

Start living into freedom with your finances in one small way, with one person, one circumstance–today. Cut loose the debt someone owes you. Pay back a loan you owe another–early. Treat a friend unexpectedly to lunch. Trust it’ll all work out. And so it will.

How will you shift to an “abundance” mindset today? What physical actions (picking up the phone, walking out forgiveness) will support you?

Next blog: Time as $.

*From My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers (May 16)