Cary, age 61, retail store owner and former professional coach (Alexandria, VA):

“Sarah Sutton is by far the best one of four top-level coaches I’ve had over the years. I engaged her to help me gain control over my way over-scheduled life that was taking precedence over healthy living. I was tired, out of shape, and felt unattractive. Sarah helped me develop a committed mindset and transformative goals — bigger and bolder than I would have set for myself. Then, she stayed right with me to challenge, inspire, and move every impediment (time, attitude, fear) out of the way. After just a few months I had a body and energy like I’ve never had in my life. I feel fit, limber, healthy and light! Now I am 45 pounds thinner, at my ideal weight, and finally love exercise.”

What exactly made Cary’s experience transformational? LISTEN HERE.