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To grow confident leaders who inspire people to perform to their potential, help them stop fighting themselves and trust their greatness again.

     When I speak with HR decision-makers, they often want to halt the complaints they get from employees and the questions they get from management. The usual solutions often focus on building their Leaders’ people-centered skills, rather than on helping them reconcile mindsets and behaviors that are out of alignment with who they mean to be. 

     It’s smart to start with your leaders. However, your programs may not generate the hoped-for impact from instead inviting them to dig deeper and uncover people-pleasing or critical or perfectionistic tendencies that come from self-doubt, mistrust, or fear of losing control. On top of that, they may be choosing unhelpful stress responses that are further miring them.

     Without the anchor arms of self-awareness and well-being, we expect clear-minded leaders who have global reach, but we unwittingly encourage overworked followers who drift or sink. In my experience, first applying an internal compass is key to smart risk-taking.

     We can also agree: what you believe drives how you act. When a leader remembers how they are naturally relational and influential, the empathy and communication we were after become authentic. Similarly, when they practice a personal life of integrity that models the care and passion they ask of their people, that self-trust shows up as composure and confidence.

Targeted Leadership Development Process

Truce’s 180 degree turn on leadership development consistently gets exceptional satisfaction ratings from clients. I created a 3-step process that undergirds every program and empowers leaders to:

     1. Reveal: Diagnose the surprising mental and physical tripping points getting in the way of them being their own best advocates;

     2. Reflect: Use this prescriptive “lens” to correct their one unresourceful perspective or habit they need to unlearn; and

     3. Reinvent: Train and coach a return to who they are, so they seamlessly unleash the remarkable aspects of their unique, resilient styles. 

     The problem IS the solution because seeing and believing starts AND ends with your leaders and their core identities. It is both that easy and deep.

     This duo Truce not only answers the question of how to create a sustainable culture of discerning leadership that acts with creativity, inclusion, and decisiveness, it also helps you satisfy customers and inspire staff who are radiantly well. It’s a game of limitless potential where everybody wins!

Truce Peer Coaching Labs

Truce is adept at administrating all phases of culture-shifting learning solutions, aligned with your company’s core values. Programs may be a curation of single-hour workshops to 3-day retreats. They are offered virtually or on-site, and follow my Truce formula of helping your people shed stressful habits and wrangle their self-doubt.

     I often customize a cohesive series of my module-style trainings into what I call peer coaching labs. These are an intentional mix of frameworks, facilitated discussions, and one-on-one executive coaching for small-group cohorts of your top leaders, paced every 2 weeks, over 4-6 months.

     Two favorite peer coaching labs are:

     1. Confident Leading (focus areas include leadership branding, strategic thinking, influential speaking, executive presence)

     2. Collaborative Communicating (assertive communication, handling difficult conversations, RQ, empowering people)

Leadership Training Workshops

Truce consistently sees 3 top confidence needs with working professionals.

Defining One’s Success Path

  • Design Your Leadership Brand—a compass for impact in any role
  • Strategic Thinking—white space for working smarter, not harder
  • Executive Presence that Gets Noticed—charismatic poise under pressure
  • Influential Speaking—activate your gravitas to persuade entire rooms

Effective Communication & Collaboration

  • RQ is the new EQ–smoothly navigate others’ preferred relational styles
  • Assertive communication—handle delegation, difficult conversations, and self-advocation
  • Coaching Essentials—master one-on-ones and facilitate valuable meetings
  • Empower People—drive autonomy, mastery, and purpose in a hybrid world

Life Integration & Self-care

  • Work-Life Balance Inventory—address dissatisfaction needs for resilience
  • Build Boundaries—definitive support for battling burnout

“The mind body connection was value for a lifetime”

Sarah Sutton is an excellent leadership development trainer and communicator who uses a personalized approach to help you reach your goals. The skills I learned will provide value for a lifetime. The mind body connection is more powerful than I ever imagined!

Hana, age 41

Program manager

“Your training was a top investment”

Your Self-Truce leadership development class was 100% worth the investment and it was easy to participate. You gave me tangible tools to challenge my thinking and creatively manage myself, plus spiritual reminders to carry me through a multitude of struggles.”

Lori-Anne, age 47

Patent secretary

“Group coaching environment made it easier”

“For me, it has been all about the support I feel and trust I have of the other participants. The group coaching environment made it easier to stick to my plan and be accountable for my choices. I saw results in 3 months!”

Tricia, age 57

Consultant and mother of 3

Leadership Development Track Record

Truce’s corporate leadership training clients have included the following global as well as local industry leaders in Loudoun County, VA (Leesburg, Ashburn), Fairfax County (Reston, Fairfax), Arlington County, and greater Washington, DC metro area.

red hat
world bank
national university

Look great, feel fabulous

Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional consulting, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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