I know it’s not yet Christmas, but I can’t help thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Or, rather, Un-resolutions. As in: I’m going to resolve not to do everything on my own.

Take this blog, for example. I published this site months ago, and each time I come back to learn the backend of blogging, it confuses and overwhelms me. And then another week goes by whereby I haven’t blogged, not to mention I’d rather be wrapping gifts or playing games with family right now. (I also resolve not to compare myself to other bloggers who make it look so easy, and instead simply remind myself of where I’m at–the beginning of the learning curve. Not right or wrong, it just is.) So at the start of the year, I resolve to contact my fabulous web designer, Jessica, and pay her an hour or two for a tutorial so I learn to blog regularly and proficiently.

My upcoming wedding is another example. I have sisters, friends, and a fiance who are willing to help if I only say the word and give a little direction. I’m good at directing. 🙂 Really what this boils down to is my willingness to play well with others, ask for help, and let go of perfection. I will also look for opportunities to pitch in and return the favors.

Making requests and giving promises. What a simple and beautiful way to connect and grow community. More on that–what I resolve to do more of– in my next post. In the meantime, have a wonderful time connecting with your family this week as you celebrate another special Christmas!