“After just 2 coaching sessions, I feel in control!”

Ellen, age 38, mechanical engineer and mother of 2 (Herndon, VA):

“After just two coaching sessions, I am already starting to feel in control! There’s much more to go and I know I’ll have challenges, but transformation is occurring and I’m feeling great about that. I have a real sense of freedom with how I think about food, and some simple changes have calmed my food cravings and added satisfaction to my eating experience. Thank you, Sarah, I look forward to what else will open up for me and my life…

Update: After completing my coaching with you I’m happy to report that food cravings are nearly non-existent. I’m snacking less, and honoring my body’s needs more. And my shifts around exercise, stress management, work-life balance, and focus at work have been pivotal. I’m truly living my vision of better balance and peace. I’ve gotta say: I never expected these kinds of life-changing (life-rotating really comes to mind) results when I embarked down this path! I really appreciate all your help with peeling back these intertwined layers.”