Good health makes you feel powerful!

Now, that had to take practice!

Last post, you learned about the folly of making resolutions (after all, you are not someone in need of being “fixed.”) Hopefully, you then went on to declare a new vision for your year.

However, your declaration—as beautifully sunny as it may be—won’t do you a lick of good unless you put some specific commitments on paper. Here’s why and how.

Embrace Your Present—and Your Future

In contrast with “resolution,” consider the definition for “commitment,” which is the “state of being entrusted or emotionally impelled.” When you commit to being someone new or acting on something bold:

  1. you are looking toward future possibilities
  2. you are presently fluid and persevering. Continually streaming forward like a river—and in no great hurry because you’re sure you’ll find a way to your destination
  3. it’s likely to last

Resolution focuses on the “doing” (although usually in a vague and punitive way); commitment first finds release from the “being.” Both words dance in time, but commitment propels you in the present and inspires you into your future, whereas resolution keeps you guilty in the present and stuck in the past.

It’s a perspective shift, and it makes a world of difference.

Be Specific and Positive

Transformation happens in the details. And although it may sound trite, positive declarations and their coinciding specific commitments generate action, while negatively focused resolutions stymie results. The difference sounds like this:

You resolve to lose weight; you commit to being free of 30 unhealthy pounds. You resolve to exercise; you commit to being active outdoors 3 weekday and 1 weekend mornings a week. You resolve not to eat sweets; you commit to nourishing your body with at least 2 fruits or vegetables at every meal. You resolve to reduce stress so all of the above can happen; you commit to resurrecting an old hobby and creating weekly, joyful experiences with your spouse or kids so all of the above will happen when you are leading a fulfilling life.

Commitments are specific, doable, motivate, and flow from your declaration and vision.

Free, active, nourished, and joyful. Now that’s the kind of year I’d love to have. What about you?