Positive thinking is a cup of cocoa

Reframe your thinking to maximize enjoyment

In my previous post, I wrote about how negative thinking is often at the root of our unhealthy behaviors. Next, let’s explore how to shift to more powerful, action-generating neutral or positive thinking.


Negative Thinking

“I had the cake, so I might as well eat the chips and cookies, too.” (all-or-nothing thinking)

“The house is a mess! He never thinks about anyone but himself.” (blame)

“My job pays well, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t like it.” (denial)

Neutral Thinking

“I had the cake. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, so I’ll stop here.”

“The house is a mess. I guess we’ve both had other priorities than keeping things neat.”

“Although my job pays well, I know it could be more fulfilling.”

Positive Thinking

“I had the cake. It satisfied my sweet tooth, so now I’ll focus on enjoying the conversation.”

“The house is a mess. How can I pick it up to surprise him before he gets home?”

“My job pays well, and I will make a point to get to know my colleagues better so my work will be even more fulfilling.”

Note how negative thinking stymies or even de-motivates action, neutral thinking neutralizes action, and positive thinking spurs new action. Think about this the next time you: overdo it with the cookies and cocoa at the Christmas party; get into a tiff with your spouse about holiday spending; or skip out on socializing because you “have” to work late.

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How will YOU think differently this season?