Life coaching helps the unmotivated

Read below about “boot camp” life coach accountability.

If left to our own devices, we humans would likely take the lazy route. Life coach accountability is therefore quite useful in many areas of living.

Being accountable means you are answerable to another person for your declared responsibilities or commitments. Employees are accountable to their managers at performance reviews. Students are accountable to their teachers; kids to parents; spouses to each other.

Accountability is especially essential at the beginning of a habit change, such as reducing sugar intake, or for a specific project you just can’t seem to maintain on your own, such as de-cluttering your home. Your accountability partner serves to motivate, advise, and keep you persevering, so he/she is a brilliant support in helping you build your character and integrity.

In 1998, I ran my first (and so far only) marathon with the support of Team In Training.  Had I not committed to show up to Saturday morning long runs  or promise to sponsor a little boy with leukemia, I’m not sure I would’ve finished (or at least finished well.) I was able to rely on the experience and camaraderie of other runners, the expertise of a coach, and a shared vision–far superior than going it alone.

Sometimes accountability is already in place, and other times you have to engineer the circumstances yourself. i.e. Sign up for a Biggest Loser challenge to lose weight, or with an accountability life coach to write that book you’ve put off. Otherwise, find a serious, kick-butt kind of friend to help.