Woman with a healthy lifestyle

Build a healthy life–one compromise at a time

I’m convinced that nothing matters as much as your health and experience of well-being. So much of the rest of life hinges on it.

Yet, with school well underway and the holidays on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time before you’re tempted to blow off your commitments. Don’t!

Those who are most successful at achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle do so imperfectly and without sacrificing it as a priority.

Health isn’t about going full force 24/7, and it’s also not about relinquishing your power. That all-or-nothing thinking won’t get you far. Instead, on your busiest days: compromise with yourself.

You already do it with your kids as a way to instill and reward good habits. (i.e. You might say, “You can watch your favorite show after you do your homework.”) So now, apply that same brilliant thinking to yourself.

Examples of self-compromises:

“I’m too busy to cook. But instead of grabbing chips and a burrito at Chipotle, I’ll stop by the salad bar at Whole Foods.”

“I’m too tired to do my full workout, so I’ll do 5 minutes of core work and 10 minutes of yoga instead.”

Believe me, these choices will add up to big benefits. Keeping the ability to compromise at the forefront of your mind will serve as an ongoing reminder that you (and your wellness) are worth it.

What are healthy self-compromises that YOU have put into play? Comment below.