How do you feel entitled?

Eat mindfully

Here’s what I will do:

First, I will recognize and congratulate myself for stopping at the one cookie and choosing to write about it instead of diving in for more. By moving toward my resistance and taking a moment to ask myself my own coaching questions, I am better able to articulate what’s true for me.

Second, I will acknowledge reality. With my genetics and increasing age, it takes serious discipline to live at the level of fitness I truly desire. I accept this because the rewards (feeling energetic and nourished and fitting well in my clothes) are greater than the sacrifices.

And, at the same time, when I am truly nurturing myself (remember, I had so much reproach and freezer burn in my mouth that the cookie didn’t taste good anyway), then the “discipline” becomes a happily made choice I want to choose over and over.

Third, I’m ready to say what it is I am committed to do differently during this season when I feel entitled, which is:

  1. Make each meal nutritionally balanced so it is physically satiating;
  2. Sit down without any distractions so I am mindful of what I am eating and how soon I am satisfied; and
  3. Journal when I feel antsy, anxious, or cavalier and find myself on the hunt in the kitchen. The first is already a familiar practice, I just want to make it more consistent. The second and third action steps will be refreshing to test out.

It feels good to pause, acknowledge, accept, inquire, discover, choose, and plan. Your turn.