Entitlement is a reward after a workoutGood. So for me, I will admit that lately I’ve got this laissez-faire attitude about my own eating. I gained 6.5 pounds practically as soon as I finished saying “I do” 5 months ago, and I vacillate from being really irritated with that fact (particularly given my line of work) and copping a “who cares?” view. Neither is serving me to take action and, in fact, choosing to perpetuate a negative perspective naturally drives me to sidle up to my friend, Food.

If I dig a little deeper, I’m starting to recognize a recent pattern of entitlement. I worked hard to trim the few pounds down to my goal weight for my wedding, and now I think I’ll kick back a bit and have: a slice of banana bread here (it’s not really a “sweet,” right?), a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter there.

If whatever season you are in is, in your mind, getting in the way of optimal living, I invite you to consider how much is truth and how much is excuse.

I’m certain the reasons are plausible—I mean, if you like to exercise outside, winter’s dark and cold does make it harder. But then again, there are allergens to contend with in spring and fall, and heat and humidity in the summer. So even though the reasons are rational, we get to circumvent them for a higher cause—our commitment to better living.

What will I do now? Well, what will you do? Again, it helps to play along here by pausing to reflect on your own choices for moving forward.

Next post: What I will do.