Feeling entitled to a whole plate of cookiesI’m sitting here frustrated because I just broke my word to myself not to have any of the homemade oatmeal scotchie cookies in the freezer. It was only one and it might not seem like a big deal, but I’ve learned that a broken promise—no matter how big or small—can eat away at the integrity of a person, especially if it’s a promise you’ve made to yourself.

The kicker is I didn’t even thaw the cookie in the microwave, so that in some warped line of thinking I could pretend I wasn’t actually consuming the thing. I also started into it by breaking off a single morsel that was hanging out on one amoeba-like edge, allowing myself a moment of amnesia as to what countless similar experiences have told me would happen next.

Fantasy and forgetfulness. You can guess how good it tasted. Cold, bland, and full of guilt.

So why did I do it? Before I answer that, I’d like to invite you, the reader, to consider this scenario and question for yourself. Why would you do it?

What circumstances or unresolved feelings are at play right now in your life that are coaxing you to seek out food for solace or escape from your commitments? If you are loose in holding your word, what does that reveal about your beliefs?

No, seriously. For your benefit, please stop and honestly consider this. And then go one thought beyond that.

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