Transform your body!

Taste the freedom

In my book club, we just started reading a book about being naked. Well, it’s not about being physically naked, but about stripping your life down to just this moment.

My friend and colleague, John, says he’s started to believe that transformation is a “subtractive process,” a journey of shedding the weighty illusions that get in the way of our living from our cores. Transformation requires incredible vulnerability and acceptance–and, frankly, a powerful faith in God. (The more we reveal of ourselves, the more we come to know Him.)

All of this got me thinking about real nakedness, the physical nakedness I said the book did not address.

In my field of transformation coaching, particularly when I coach toward healthy weight and wellness, being naked is just about the last thing a client wants. Or, really, being seen naked. Even if it’s just with your own eyes. (Kinda like Adam and Eve in the Garden, except you play God when you judge your naked self.) You cover up and hide, and choose not to see. Perhaps you‘ve stopped truly seeing yourself even when you’re staring right at your own reflection in the mirror.

What would it be like to start seeing yourself, your body, your life–with God’s eyes? To be naked to the core, flesh and bones, and see the beauty already there? Talk about naked now.

What would that open up for your life right here in the present if you lived as if naked was the most natural thing in the world?