It recently occurred to me that the only difference between me and someone who hasn’t yet “mastered” this wellness thing (a healthy weight, regular fitness and lifestyle, etc.) is that I just keep getting back in the saddle.

Think about it: How did you ever succeed at your first job, or the next job, or the one you’re in now? What about being a good parent or spouse? So-called failures are inherent in life; in fact, they are necessary for us to grow. For some reason, though, clients look at weight loss as not only a task to complete, but one that must be done “right.” When that’s the viewpoint, as soon as you start wandering off the path, you’re likely to think it’s time to hang up the reins.

What if you started looking at your weight and life as a journey? Not just a to-do to check off. (After all, your weight is never “done” because there’s this next-level game you may have heard of called “maintenance” for which you’re immediately qualified!) And not something that has to look a certain way. But rather another wonderful path by which you GET to prove your perseverance and refine your character.

No matter what happened yesterday–whether I overdid the Extreme Cookies ‘n Cream and ended up feeling sluggish OR I had 7 servings of veggies and a kickin’ run–either way, I know I’m gonna be back on the trail today. That’s how I think now that I know health is a lifestyle. How will YOU think about your life today?