Group Coaching

group coachingGroup coaching is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Benefits of group life coaching are anchored in the group’s power to synergize lessons, inspire far-reaching ambitions, and support one another. To discuss private coaching for your particular group or to register now, please contact Sarah to get started. This is especially effective in-person if you’re in northern Virginia, such as Fairfax, Loudoun, or other surrounding areas.

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Following are two of Truce’s currently popular transformational life coaching group offerings, along with two previous wellness group coaching programs. Curriculums also available for one-on-one engagements.

Current Group Coachings: Bounce! and Savor

Look good, feel great, live your best. That’s what we all want. Yet stress and unwanted eating habits can take you out of the game—tiring you out and zapping your joy. You deserve to feel free again. As someone who used to be 70 lbs overweight and desperately unhappy I implore you to stop the madness! Running 4 weekly sessions, 75 mins each, $265 for entire package. 10% discount when you enroll a friend or family member.


3 easy steps:

  1. Explore top resilience strategies and life coaching skills* to keep you bouncing back, no matter what life throws you.
  2. Allow us to help you create a customized “bounce” plan.
  3. Let’s execute the plan together so you start enjoying naturally resilient living that helps you take it all in stride with grace and gusto.

*Based on Coach Sarah’s own research and professional experience, along with Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakeable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness by Rick Hanson


3 easy steps:

  1. Explore top intuitive and mindful eating tools and wellness coaching skills* to make peace with food.
  2. Allow us to help you create a customized “savor” plan.
  3. Let’s execute the plan together so you start to s-l-o-w down, manage emotions in healthier ways, and truly enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures—eating!

*Based on Coach Sarah’s own experiential practices along with The Intuitive Eating Workbook: 10 Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food

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Group Coaching to Be Truly Well

What would it mean for you to be naturally, radiantly, truly well? It’s the difference between “working out” versus loving how your body moves. Or “watching what you eat” versus effortlessly responding to your nourishment needs.

Truce‘s Truly Well group coaching program, led by national board-certified health and wellness coach and personal trainer Sarah Sutton, is an incredible six-month journey of freedom and action, and a transformation of your body starting with your mind — for long-term change and unquestionable success.

  • Learn what it means to be truly well and commit to it for your life.
  • Gain support and develop greater intimacy in your relationships.
  • Experience nutrition without restriction and feel-good activity.
  • Uncover which of 4 modus operandi you live from and other sabotaging beliefs.
  • Discover the neuroscience behind behaviors and how to harness a positive mindset.
  • Practice the 2 best communication tools to managing stress for a better work life and family life.
  • Explore the 7 steps to better body image and body acceptance.
  • De-clutter your environment with clean living.

…and more! (Yes, it really is that complete.)

Each 75-minute group coaching (three per month) includes: live laser coaching and in-class practices that clearly illuminate your particular challenges and best solutions; homework assignments to cement learning and fast-forward action; reading, journaling, and self-directed personal assignments to give you back the control over your own life. Investment options are customizable and typically start at $197/month per person.

Group Coaching: Self-Truce for Your Healthy Body

Are you tired of all the cookie cutter diets, countless fitness plans, and mental energy you spend dwelling on the same 10, 25, 50 pounds?

In this unique three-month faith-based group weight loss program, rooted in both Scriptural references and the latest neuroscience, you’ll experience Truce’s 5-step transformational life coaching and weight loss coaching process as you:

  • Create your vision of better living. (Other programs fail because they skip this step!)
  • Align your goals with your values and natural strengths.
  • Master intuitive eating and mindful eating, and optimize your preferred eating style for better nutrition.
  • Learn the 5 keys to intrinsic exercise and enjoying any activity.
  • Discover how you break your own promises and its effect on your follow-through.
  • Refine your character as you act on your beliefs.

Investment options are customizable and typically start at $197/month for three 75-minute group weight loss coaching sessions per month.

What Truce Group Coaching Clients Say

Lori-Ann, age 43, patent secretary and mother of a teenage son (Alexandria, VA): “Your Self-Truce group coaching class was 100% worth the investment and it was easy to participate. You gave me tangible tools to challenge my thinking and creatively manage myself, plus spiritual reminders to carry me through a multitude of struggles.”

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