Stress coaching at its best--and tastiest!

Stress coaching at its best–and tastiest!

Yes, you can take control over stress! Learn how with easy activity and food choices and stress coaching that will make all the difference in your day! In this workshop session, we’ll explore: the connection between physical movement and stress, the stress-fighting power of exercise, best physical stress relievers, how much and how often is best, 7 top stress-busting physical activities, and (most importantly) how to make your personal physical activity plan work for you and your particular stressors.

You’ll also discover: the what and why of eating well, the stress-fighting power of nutrition, including what to eat and what to avoid, how to eat to perform at your best (whether that’s on the playing field or for a long day’s work), how to better plan to eat well, what normal eating is (surprise: it’s far from perfect!), and how to bust stress and stress triggers and create calm with your own food preferences and decisions. Includes on-the-spot stress coaching so participants leave with invaluable takeaways!