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Executive Coaching for the High-Performing Woman

Are you: An executive looking to apply the confidence and authenticity you have from other life roles to your on-the-job decisions? Have you wondered what missing trait would unlock your full leadership potential?

     Or, are you: A burned-out senior leader wishing you could get insomnia, anxiety, sobriety, anger, or other issue in check? Have you wondered: If food wasn’t on your mind, if worries weren’t watching the 3 am clock, if you didn’t need the nightly glass of wine to unwind — then what greatness would you create?

     According to KPMG, 75% of executive women have experienced feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, aka imposter syndrome. KPMG also found that 79% of successful executive women prioritize wellness by scheduling self-care, setting boundaries, and giving and getting support. A Gallup study seems to put it together. Career well-being (liking what you do every day) has the greatest impact on a life well-lived; however, stress can take that down in an instant.

     As you rose in your career you sought out opportunities that got you promoted. You may even initially come to coaching with the goal of driving results. At some point you realize, unless you are operating from a place of true well-being, your leadership may fall short of excellent and satisfying. 

Executive Coaching for Leadership Success & Life Balance

Resilience is the dynamic capacity to adapt in the face of challenges. It requires your brain and body to work in optimum tandem. What most don’t realize is this recalibration starts on the inside.

     Think of it as two halves of yourself trying to integrate. Your well-being impacts your leadership and your leading impacts your life. Self-care in thought and action could be the superpower that bridges everything! This is what Truce means by integrative leadership. Holding firm to an internal core enables you to: a) respond to external pressures with calm wholeheartedness, and b) reconcile how you think you should be leading with what feels true to you — so you seamlessly bring your best self.

     That’s why I offer a modern executive coaching fusion — as the executive coach with real life coaching relatability — who helps women leaders like you anchor into your brilliance, while elegantly balancing your career performance with your well-being. It’s a Truce squared.

     Just like a tennis coach trains the player to fix their foibles and deeply know their uniquely personal potential, Truce helps you do two important things: stop fighting yourself AND trust your greatness again.


Call Your Own Truce

I was there. In my case it was a weight battle. Once I calmed my sugar cravings and got into a regular routine of exercise and sleep, I excelled in my career. And the more purposeful I was at work, the more I solidified my well-being habits. Like all the leaders I work with, you have it within you, too.

     Yet, you may struggle to manage it all on your own or stay motivated. Truce hybrid executive coaching (an industry original) is your solution. Executive coaching if for you if:

  • You need personal branding, effective communication, and strategic thinking that make your executive presence undeniable
  • You recognize that stress management and competing priorities are hindering your work life balance, healthy lifestyle, and sense of peace
  • You want to reconnect with yourself, shift your sabotage thinking, and lead and live intentionally (perhaps from a faith focus, as appropriate)

     We pull it all together with practices that evolve you as a resilient leader, so your changes and serenity have staying power. This makes for transformation coaching rather than growth life coaching. Together we’ll help you achieve the level of confidence that you’ve always dreamed!

A Typical Truce Program

Look, I’m a professional woman who is trying her best to integrate all life areas, too. One thing I know for sure is I wouldn’t have nearly the fulfillment I do without having my own coach by my side. I’d love for you to experience that first-hand.

     Benefits of personally blended executive coaching with life coaching include one-on-one attention, laser focus, and action planning to drive breakthroughs with me, Sarah Sutton, as your executive coach.

     My tried and true Truce recommended program is an initial 90-minute jumpstart meeting (in-person if local to Northern Virginia), and then 50- to 60-minute virtual sessions every two weeks over six months or longer, with additional email, text support, and curated resources. Investment options are customizable and, after the initial upfront package, typically range $800-$1,000/ month for self-pay clients. A personal development assessment may be added to enhance learning.

     You don’t have to go it alone. Partner up to become your best.

“I know my value and now show the real me”

“With Sarah as my coach I’ve been able to identify my unique value that is based on my personal principles, and untangle myself from the cyclical patterns that had me doubting myself. I get such grounding and validation from our executive coaching sessions, actual tools to apply, and ‘permission’ to be the real me. After practicing this authenticity in executive team meetings with more senior leaders, I’m seeing positive results.

Sarah offers flexibility to meet me right where I’m at, along with the space to not know what to do next. In my role as a CFO, it’s important that I really anchor into my leadership development and style. I celebrate our work together and the difference it’s made in my personal and professional life!”

Jen, age 48

Chief financial officer

“Sarah helped me navigate a huge career move”

“Sarah has been a critical executive coaching life coach partner during a few pivotal times in my professional and personal journey. She helped me navigate a huge career move (from a big 4 consulting firm in Washington, DC to a 5-person non-profit in San Diego) by drilling down into my core values and passions. It was the best decision I’ve made, and I never would have done it without Sarah’s executive coaching and support. Most of the time she was a cheerleader, at other times she challenged me and always respected my style.

I’m working with her a second time–two years later–to focus on balance, communication techniques, and confidence building, and once again, she has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is navigating transition or simply wants to dig in and get more out of life by living her truth!

Aina, age 39

Executive director of a nonprofit and mother of 3

“I’ve found my confidence as the leader I want to be”

“Sarah is so much more than a career coach. I have found my confidence and voice to speak up as the leader I want to be. Defining my work passions and long-term vision has served as a compass to assess right-fit opportunities both inside and outside my current organization. I’ve also enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned with my own team and paying my experience forward to coach them to be effective leaders, too.

Sarah has a clarity of voice and models how to be a confident leader. When she shares it is from a place of authenticity and experience. The variety of strategies within her leadership development program and executive coaching style are all so beneficial. We have coached on everything from effective communication to negotiation to work life integration. It is the whole package!

Shannon, age 51

Vice president of learning and instruction

Look great, feel fabulous

Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional coaching, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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