stress management is being at the beach

No stress!

Why do some people seem like they skate through (or even thrive!) on time crunches while you drown under pressure and stress? Wish you knew how to navigate other life transitions with ease? The secret lies in your body, not your mind. Learn how to use deep breathing, body scanning, even your tone of voice to access inner resources of calm and stress management. Leave with a clear plan for developing your own personal “mindful” body practice and discover:

  • The top 3 problem-focused coping skills you can use right now to boost your work life balance—even if you’re a parent trying to juggle homeschool demands while working remotely
  • Why it’s important to manage your perceptions and reactions to stress, rather than the stress itself
  • At least 7 unique and truly impactful body-oriented practices you can use in 2-minute increments and at a moment’s notice—that go well beyond trite advice to meditate or walk it off
  • A demo experience for using your senses to stay in the present, where tranquility lives
  • The best smartphone apps to keep you focused all day long

**Can be paired with Real-Life Resilience and presented as a two-part, truly impactful mind and body transformational series.