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Extraordinary cohort experience

Group Leadership Coaching at Its Best: Delivering Confident Leaders

I took the confidence-building I do everyday with my executive coaching clients and distilled it into an effective group format, aptly named Confident You! (rebranded as ConfidentU for educational institutes).

     This best-seller leadership development offering is an invitational program for corporate cohorts of 5 to 8 women leaders to:

     * 1. Design your unique brand *

     * 2. Unleash your powerful voice * 

     * 3. Balance your self-care *

     What do you want to be known for? How do you speak directly and self-promote without arrogance? What does it take for you to reclaim your time?

     You get the below and more through this evocative combination of mini training modules, facilitated discussions (what I call peer coaching labs), and personal one-on-one coaching over 4 months for a special subset of your leaders. I find even C-suite women leaders need this type of braintrust to help them stop fighting themselves and trust their greatness again. 

The Unbeatable Power of Group Synergy

The Confident You! program is designed with you and your leaders in mind:

  • Define your singular leadership brand and purpose as your guiding north star for all decisions and interactions, so you maintain grace under fire
  • Identify hidden impact barriers that are out of alignment with your intentions, so you implicitly trust yourself
  • Articulate and assert your value, so you stop proving your seat at the table
  • Refine your communication style and control your relational triggers, to manage up, down, and sideways
  • Set boundaries so you establish optimum restoration—and smoothly integrate it for resilience
  • Make your chosen spirituality the focal point for knowing you are enough

     In essence, be part of something great: your empowering mastermind community you didn’t realize you’ve been missing as you rose in your career!

     Contact Truce today to discuss culture-shifting confidence coaching for your particular group. 

“I have room to figure it out myself”

I am different! My energy and mindset especially. After working with Sarah as my leadership coach I’ve let go of my all-or-nothing attitude so I’m seeing real behavior changes. I feel like I have a consistent partner in my journey who is committed to my success.

Sarah doesn’t force an approach, which is refreshing. I have room to figure it out myself and what truly satisfies me. i.e. Some of my challenges are practical planning gaps and others are emotional and that’s where coaching is key. This whole experience exceeded my expectations and I will continue to invest in myself by working with Sarah.”

Terry, age 54

Senior director of global strategic partnerships

“We dive deeper into things I didn’t know I need”

I started coaching to gain clarity on a new career path that fit better with my passions. With Sarah as my leadership coach I did that and also got out of my comfort zone with informational interviews that landed me a new job in the middle of the pandemic.

She then stayed with me to help me practice how to advocate for myself and what I want. Truce leadership coaching has exceeded my expectations because we’ve also been diving deeper into things I didn’t know I need, such as positive self-talk and how to combat my people-pleasing tendencies.

Yvette, age 35

Content strategist

“I’m digging into self-compassion”

“I had a bit of trouble finding the positives in negative situations and just the haze of craziness that is everyday life. My leadership coach sessions with Sarah help me now stay much more calm and grounded in the moment. We talk through situations realtime and Sarah also provides a wealth of supplemental tools (perspective shift ideas, blogs, books, etc.)

Next, we’ll be digging into a specific resource to help me create ongoing self-compassion. I have really enjoyed my life coaching experience with Sarah and have received such tremendous value!”

Kenya, age 28

Event coordinator

Personal Introduction to Confident You!

Check out this YouTube video as I share my enthusiasm for this transformational leadership development program for your rising and established women leaders.

Look great, feel fabulous

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