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stress management never felt so relaxingSome experts believe that stress is a major cause of 50% of all disease. More than that, stress significantly affects quality of life. When you’re under stress (even if it’s simply caused by your own negative thinking), a cascade of responses occurs that makes you literally sick and tired, sours your mood, and reduces your body’s ability to metabolize food so you’re hungry again soon after eating — among other things. Stress management coaching isn’t just a nice wish; it’s a necessity.

How Do You Coach Stress Management?

If you live in a Westernized country, stress is self-induced — meaning stress starts in the head. Therefore, any effective form of stress coaching needs to start at this source — by helping you to examine and turn your thoughts around. This is where Truce life coaching excels. With Truce as your stress coach, you will:

  1. discover those hidden thoughts that are keeping you trapped in the stress response,
  2. shift perspective in a way that opens up new possibilities,
  3. make a commitment to a new way of healthy living, and
  4. take action.

Truce’s Take on Stress Management

Where Truce and stress management coach / workplace coach (aka corporate wellness coach) Sarah Sutton take it one step further is in crafting your customized arsenal for stress management (or, rather, relaxation management). These are mindfulness practices and stress relievers you can access in a moment’s notice and that don’t take any additional time out of your day. Now wouldn’t that be worth exploring for yourself? Your life just might depend on it. Contact Sarah today to get started!

What Truce Stress Management Coach Clients Say

Lori, age 48, certified public accountant and small business owner (Ashburn, VA): “I have been working with Sarah Sutton for six months and I am so excited about the progress I have made. Being a multi-company business owner, overwhelm and stress had taken over my life. She has helped me navigate through the weeds to put together realistic goals, next steps, and implementation plans to target stress at its core, along with stress management tools.  I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who needs help getting back on track and moving forward.”

Check out other Truce stress management coach client testimonials and please contact Sarah today to schedule your complimentary stress management consultation.

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