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life balance is about familyYou understand that being a master of your life in many areas — your career, relationships, health, finances, leisure, personal growth, and more — is the key to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness at home and work. Yet, you struggle to manage it all out on your own or stay motivated. Coaching for life balance is your solution.

Life Balance Coaching

Truce‘s brand of wellness coaching for life balance gets to the heart of your particular work life and family life challenges, empowers you to define your unique path to optimal living, and compassionately holds you accountable to your commitments. Together we’ll help you achieve the level of well-being that you’ve always dreamed! This type of life coaching is for you if:

  • You recognize that stress, communication issues, competing priorities that result in an overfilled calendar, and all kinds of other obstructive dynamics are hindering your work/ life balance
  • You wonder how to sustain a purposeful career and fulfilling relationships
  • You can’t seem to maintain a healthy lifestyle (adequate rest, good nutrition, regular physical activity, or a healthy weight)
  • You desire the radiant well-being that results from living an intentional life

The thing is: You can’t do it all yourself, nor likely can you have it all. Instead, doing what you can and being happy with what you do have just might be the secret to satisfaction. Find out for yourself with the help of a trained personal wellness coach; contact Sarah to get started. Corporate health administrators: this is also the perfect solution for the work life issues affecting your workforce!

What Truce Life Balance Coach Clients Say

Scott, age 47, chief operating officer: “I got connected with Sarah through a referral. I needed help figuring out my next career move. I had a healthy skepticism for professional coaching but decided to give it a try since she offers a free consultation. I think rapport is key – and it was there from the first call. I felt like Sarah was able to balance listening with probing questions, especially about the root causes of my hesitant behaviors, e.g., making excuses about connecting with others. She also adapted to my moods and pushed me when I needed it. I completed 10 sessions with Sarah over the course of three months via Skype, which actually worked better than I anticipated. I landed my current role and, with Sarah’s help, negotiated better compensation. I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Truce to others.”

Check out other Truce life coach client testimonials. For more information and to schedule your complimentary initial life balance consultation, please contact Sarah to get started.

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