Last blog, I talked about how it’s important to first add the Big Rocks (top priorities) to your life container prior to filling your day with the smaller rocks and sand. That doesn’t mean you stop doing the little things–the errands and your job, for example. That would be impractical. The difference between fitting the small rocks around the Big Rocks versus letting them get in the way involves choice and perspective.

i.e. Sending birthday cards and making family dinner are “little” rocks that have everything to do with the “big” rock of Relationship. Similarly, exercise and healthy eating choices are the day-in, day-out habits of Healthy Living.

Life is oftentimes filled with the mundane–cleaning, organizing, driving, etc. However, when these little rocks are perceived as being necessary within the context of the Big Rocks you’ve already determined and added as important, how much more exciting that makes the day! The perspective shifts from something you “have” to do (email; dishes), to something you “get” to do (connect; create a home) as a matter of living the beautiful life you’ve been given and have chosen for yourself.

To help you set the Big Rocks straight in your life, please join us for the Self-Truce group coaching. You only get one life–make every breath count!