I think I was in a Franklin Covey time management class when I first heard (or rather, saw) the Big Rock analogy. The class instructor demonstrated how much easier it is to fill a clear container with the large rocks (which represent your top priorities) first and then fill in the nooks and crannies with smaller rocks, gravel, and sand. Kinda impossible to fit everything in if you start with the small stuff first. That would be like performing a song with just the bass and tambourine.

I wonder: How would your life look if you added the big rocks first? If you focused first on your family, faith, and health, for example, before filling in your day with work tasks and TV? (Most) days, I make a point to get in my workout before checking email. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to get sucked into Facebook and all the to-do’s.

Perhaps it’s time you called a halt to your current way of doing things, and created greater possibilities for your life–lay down a foundation of Big Rocks before building your day on sand. Please join us for the next Self-Truce group coaching starting in just a couple weeks. With support, it’s unbelievable what will open up for your relationships, wellness, and more. Shift. Choose a different path. Create traction. Move forward. It’s the transformational dance called Add Your Big Rocks First.

Next blog: When is it actually necessary to focus on the little things?