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Hi, I’m Sarah!
     You do so much in life. And you deserve to feel confident and radiantly well. Yet, stress and your job’s demands can play havoc. It’s time that you experienced a brand-new way of living.
     My start in the coaching world was as a wellness coach (which makes sense, given my personal history). Then, my executive coaching evolved along with my leadership identity. Now, I specialize in serving as my own hybrid, coaching you to amazing leadership integration and complete well-being.
     What’s the connection? In my experience, professional success and personal wellness are anchor arms that buoy you to change from the inside out — as I myself have, with my own coach.
     Truce’s tagline is “change your mind free your life.” We do this in 3 easy Truce steps that empower you to stop fighting yourself and trust your greatness again!
     1. Reveal the self-stressors stalling you from being your best
     2. Reflect on your powerful strengths and innate fortitude
     3. Reinvent what you do to match who you want to be

     The result? A customized leadership development program that is precisely the fusion you need. You’ll finally gain a purposeful career, along with energizing life balance. Yes, it really is that life-changing. Welcome.

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“Truce reminds me who I am”

“I’m not sure what to say about Sarah, other than I am so thankful that I found her and Truce! The best investment I have made in myself. She grounds me, reminds me who I am, and teaches me to how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Grateful to have found her at a pivotal point in my life where I was starting a new position, and flailing a bit in my own chaos. I feel calmer, stronger, and confident in my abilities to be successful. 5/5 stars to this awesome executive coach.

Talia, age 50

Vice president of human resources and mother of 2

“I relate better to those I work with”

“The leadership development program I’ve done with Sarah as my executive coach has helped me relate much better to those I work with, understand past conflicts, find ways to work well with my boss, and handle extremely difficult peers. We did a Relationship Intelligence assessment and Sarah is flexible to reference that in ways I can adopt. I’ve learned what to accept, what not, and to speak up for myself.

Preeti, age 32

Mergers & acquisitions manager

“My breakthrough was learning how I was communicating and exhibiting stress”

“Executive coach Sarah Sutton‘s positivity is contagious, and she creates a very safe environment that goes a long way in letting your guard down so you talk openly. My biggest breakthrough was learning how I was communicating and exhibiting my stress. Just that awareness somehow made all the difference in how I react. It has been life changing because I didn’t realize I needed to manage stress before I could dig deeper. Every session we brought order to the disruption, and a realistic next plan.”

Carmen, age 61

Procurement director

Look great, feel fabulous

Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world. With the help of professional coaching, calling a Truce will finally feel like a winning move.

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